Let The Music Move You

1 Apr

Have you ever heard a song that transports you to some moment in the past?

What a question… of course you have!  We all have, and it’s not only one song but many…  Some take us back to happy times, some make us feel nostalgic, others make us think of people we love(d), others just make us feel happy, hopeful, and dance.

I started thinking about this the other day when, just with the first note of one song, I hadn’t heard in years, I was able to remember what movie it was from, the first time I heard it, what was happening in my life at that moment…  all that in just one note.

It’s amazing, and wonderful, the power music has on us.  They say everyone “dances to their own beat”, I believe this is true…  We consider ourselves spiritual beings but we’re all also musical.  I can’t imagine anyone not being affected by music, not being drawn by it, whatever genre you prefer.  It’s like it’s embedded in our souls.  Even without knowing we hold on to it, because it’s part of who we are.  So, let it move you, allow it to let you remember and wish, make it your own, and dance.


“You attract more bees with honey”

7 Mar

They say “you attract more bees with honey”, and I’ve experienced this to be true.

Where ever you go, regardless of language, race, culture, a smile and nice tone of voice will usually open any door, and help you have a great experience and interaction with people.

I’m not saying I’m perfect and practice it at all times…  we all lose our temper from time to time but, when that happens, and I see the results, I realize how true that saying is, and how it’s better to think before speaking, and that sometimes silence is the best answer.

At work is where, I think, we need to practice it more.  You see these people probably more than you see your family.  You didn’t chose them as friends, yet you are “forced” to interact with them sometimes more than you wish to.  There are so many different personalities, situations, etc.  Yes, it can be difficult sometimes but, again, I’ve found it best to just step back, breathe and find the best way to approach the person instead of reacting or attacking.  The fact that we’re in an office means we’re all adults…  let’s act like it.

Imagine how nice and productive it would be if we all work as a team.  If, instead of taking everything so personal, you stop and realize that maybe that person is having a bad day or personal problem.  We all have them…

Unfortunately this week has been a trying one at work, with tempers off the roof.  One word and you get yelled at or attitude.  As much as you try to keep the peace, or stay away of these situations, when it’s constant, and all around, you can’t help but feel tired, unmotivated, and like giving up, which is an awful feeling.

Talking to friends, I know this is a global issue…  so please, watch your manners, take others into consideration, and remember “patience is a virtue”…  practice makes perfect.

It’s Thursday, week’s almost over.  Thankfully I’ve managed to keep my tone and a smile on my face.  Hope we can all do the same, every day.


No regrets…

13 Feb

Why do we feel “stupid” or regret when we fall for someone that doesn’t feel the same way about us?

Think about it…  how many times do you open up to someone, or go out with them, to find out they don’t feel the same and you feel foolish or like you wasted your time.  How many times has a friend said “oh, I’m telling you he (or she) is not interested so you don’t look “stupid” chasing after him”.

First of all, I think “chasing” has a negative connotation and maybe not the best word to use when it’s a real emotion the person is having (unless you are really doing that or stalking the person but, that’s another subject).
Second, why feel that way when your feelings are genuine / sincere?  Why apologize for, or deny your feelings?

We don’t get to choose who we like or fall in love with.  It just happens.  There’s obviously something that person has that attracts you to them, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Yes, if the feeling isn’t mutual it hurts but, that doesn’t take anything away from you or makes you seem “stupid”, and I would definitely not consider it a waste of time.  You see, with every situation you live, you learn, you grow…  and before the heartbreak or disillusion you got to smile, hope, have expectations, and some good times.

I’ve always loved the quote below and its other two versions:
“Never regret anything you do, cause in the end it makes you who you are”
“…take chances and have no regrets, because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted”

What you feel is real, only you decide if it’s wrong or right for you.  As long as it’s honest, and if you decide to pursue it, enjoy it for as long as it lasts.  If for some unfortunate reason it ends, don’t let the hurt make you bitter, or be hard on yourself.  Don’t feel “stupid” and don’t regret it, take it as an experience, take the good from it, and move on, trusting something better will come.

never regret something that once made you smile

(Un)Answered Questions

7 Jan

How can you go from not liking or not caring for someone to wanting them so much in your life?
How could months or a year of anticipation, end in just a few weeks of being with each other and then back to almost strangers?
How does your mind, and sometimes even your heart, get used to that person in just those few days or weeks?
How does your body and mind know, even when it’s sleeping, that you miss him/ her, that you wake up with your eyes burning and tired as if your body had cried the whole night thinking that, because the tears didn’t come, it was letting you rest for a while?
How can a happy/ beautiful memory hurt so much?

How do you go back to the start? Not necessarily the start of that “someone” but the start of “you”?

Luckily time helps with that and, the same way your body and mind know when you’re missing them, it also knows when it’s time to let go. Our stubborn self might hold on longer than it should but, it eventually happens.

We may find someone new, or we might have another chance with that same person, and almost inevitably we start the cycle again. Because feelings are persistent, even a little masochist, not afraid to take risks and, most of all, hopeful… and deep inside we are too, and that’s why we give in, time after time, eager to break that cycle one day, not too far away.

Until that day comes, take the lessons from those past experiences, don’t let them make you bitter, instead let them guide you to better things. Know your worth, and what you deserve, and remember you “sometimes have to listen to your brain to save your heart” but, never lose hope… Sure, “it is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does.” – Peter McWilliams



Happy 2014!

31 Dec


Human Relationships

21 Dec

I know this has been happening for a while now but, human relationships have been changing and becoming shorter and shorter.
I’m not old enough to say “back in my day…” but, I still can appreciate what my parents and grandparents say about it. I guess I’m “old fashioned” that way. I believe in taking the time to get to know a person, respect them, take them into consideration, build actual relationships… Regardless if it’s friendship or something more.

It’s sad to see how people just look for what the older generations call “instant gratification”. Not that I’m all against it but, when that is the norm, I think it becomes a problem.
People look at everyone and everything thinking “what can I get from it?”, “how will this benefit me now”, instead of looking inside and seeing how they can impact someone else’s life, for good or bad, depending on their actions.

Human relationships are losing their essence, starting from the very core… family. Wish people would take a look at themselves and see how much better they’d be if they cared. Most perfect example of this is the Holidays Season. I believe this is one of the few times, if not the only, unfortunately, some families spend time together. This year, that wasn’t even possible for a lot of them because now, not only we have “Black Friday” but, the stores were open the actual Thanksgiving day as well, “making” people be away from home and spend no time with those who really matter. If people can’t value the very first ones they interacted with and the ones who had loved them most, how will they treat anyone else any different? How will they have a relationship with others that are just a “passerby” in their eyes?

I was recently told I was “old enough” to understand that this is not how this world goes. Well, maybe there’s a little part in me, with an “old soul”, saying yes, I am old enough but to understand that it should. I refuse to get sucked in this “new” way of acting and thinking. I refuse to lose the opportunity to make a new (real) friend, the opportunity to connect with someone, and maybe find something more than that, but ultimately, mean something in people’s lives and them in mine.


“The Exception”

13 Dec

So, another one of my friends got engaged this past weekend. I’ve seen her go from some hard times in relationships to this amazing one right now.  We all knew this one was different…  The way she smiles, acts, is “care-free” and so herself shows someone who has finally found the person that really gets her, and would not change a thing about her.

They both were very set on not getting married again after each of their divorce, even after meeting and expressing their love for each other they still remained with that thought but, obviously something changed.  He said “you made me change my mind, will you marry me?”

That line made me think of that last scene of “He’s just not that into you” when he says “you’re my exception”.  Every girl meets a guy (or guys) that she wants to hear those words from, unfortunately it doesn’t always happen, and we move on.  My friend did, a couple of times, and she finally found the one that spoke those words, and meant it.  It’s not wanting to change someone, It’s being so special to someone that they want to share their life with you.

The other great thing about their story is that it shows how that moment can happen at any time in life.  Girls might think that they should be married (with kids) at a certain age but truth is, there’s no set time or age for this.  When it happens, it happens and no matter what age, place, time it does, you’ll be extremely happy it did.

Lose the “preconceived dates” that society, or you, have put on yourself.  Live your life, be open to experiences, and let things happen when the time is right.  Don’t force it, what’s meant to be will be.


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