14 Nov

Sometimes, you have to believe…

That everything happens for a reason

That a closed door means another opens

That things happen for you and not to you

That everything is a lesson

That the pain will go away

That if it made you smile and happy it could not have been that bad

That regrets are useless

That there’s always tomorrow

That it’s not a goodbye but a see you later (soon)

That hope and love can move mountains

That there’s a bigger force looking after us

That everything works out in the end.


Hopes & Expectations

15 Oct

I just celebrated another year of my life.

These are always occasions of joy… you get to see how far you’ve come, how many friends are by your side, how family and those friends are so happy to have you in their lives, and they in yours.

Regardless of the age, one tends to look back to see where we’re at in life.  It’s not like you have a detailed  plan of how your life’s supposed to be but, you have certain expectations.

I had read before that “Expectation is the root of all heartache”… Somewhat true. When those expectations aren’t met we inevitably feel that way.

You expect to have accomplished “X” or “Y” by whatever age, and it might be taking longer. You expect to be treated one way but are treated another. You expect to have certain things and/or commodities but don’t. Unexpected news can throw you off for a bit. You expect to be happy but sometimes you can’t. Yes, this might bring disappointment and hurt, and it’s ok to feel that way, just don’t let it keep you down.

We should see expectations as guidelines. Those expectations can be goals, can be what tells you how you want to be treated, where you want to go, they can be wishes and dreams that one day may come true… They are not set in stone, they should not define your life or how others see it. If those expectations are not yet met, keep going. It doesn’t mean they are lost. It just means it wasn’t the time or maybe you set them too high. Maybe sometimes we create our own “heartbreak” but, only we can control that. It’s up to us if we keep fighting for them, create new ones, or give up, which I hope we never do.

At the end of the day, when you look at your life, you will find you’ve come a long way and have so much ahead of you, that you have friends and family that love you unconditionally, that some things take more time than others, and that when they finally come they were well worth the wait. You’ll also see that, regardless of how you felt when you “didn’t get what you wanted”, you most likely still keep holding on to those expectations because expectation is also defined as hope, and hope “it’s what keeps us alive”.


In every aspect of life…

4 Sep

In every aspect of life (family, friends, love and/or work):

I’ve learned…

That trust is a really big thing and really fragile

That a kiss can mean the world to someone, same as a hug, but absolutely nothing to the other

That a “relationship” can be broken in just one second

That said relationship wasn’t real…

I’ve seen…

How time after time I’m capable of forgiveness

That I can smile again, love gain, and trust again

That past experiences do affect you but don’t define you

That I’m strong enough to move on

That things happen for a reason

That not everyone is meant to stay in your life, and that the people that are always do

That family and friends are the most important thing and the only ones you really can count on


I must…

Enjoy the moment

Trust myself and my “6th sense”

Know that happiness comes from within

Not rush or force things

Accept what we can’t change

Be patient, and pray

Know that everything always works out in the end


Instagram It!

1 Aug

Back in December 2013 I opened an Instagram account for my blog.
It’s not every day I get inspired to write but, I do see things, daily, that catch my eyes and/or emotions and I try to capture them, as best as I can, in pictures.

As I said on my blog post from December, I think this is the magic of pictures. They show a piece of you because even when you’re not in the picture it is of something that “spoke” to you and Instagram lets you share it with everyone else. With this incredible social media tool we realize how some things are universally beautiful or appealing, how an inanimate object can turn into art immediately, how a flower, and it’s color, comes alive when in our routine life we might have just passed it by, and how marvelous and unique sunrises and sunsets are, even though they happen every day. We learn a little about each person by the style and subject of their photographs and when we find things in common we follow them, and see how we’re all so different but similar at the same time.

I invite you to follow my Instagram feed @throughapurplelens and see a little bit more of me. I will keep looking at yours and admiring how beautiful our world is.


“Food Trip” – Pittsburgh & Washington, D.C.

7 Jul

Hello again!  I wanted to share with you some pictures and places from my last trip.  This time I went to Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

Pittsburgh, I must admit, was not in my list of “must visit” cities but that has changed.  I went there for work, and even though I didn’t have much time to explore the city, I loved the area I stayed at.  My hotel was located right across the Convention Center on Penn Ave. and everything you want and need is walking distance from there.

While I was walking to have dinner, my first night there, I saw that they called this the “cultural district”.  So many restaurants, bars, they have theaters and a place called Cabaret, on Theater Square, where they play live music, they have wine and beer events, and more.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the theaters or Cabaret during my stay, and now have added Pittsburgh to my traveling list so I can experience everything they have to offer.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh


I did have the chance to eat at some amazing restaurants, like Meat & Potatoes, where I had one of the best Mussel dishes ever!  They have a great looking, and stocked bar where the mixologists (not bartenders) make some incredible craft drinks.

Service is impeccable and atmosphere casual and inviting.  Here are some pictures to convince you even more to try them when you’re there.


I also went to Seviche, which is a Cuban Ceviche place on Penn Ave. as well.  They have Latin music playing (I recognized, and wanted to dance every song they played), inside and outside seating, fun looking bar, and they clear the floor after 9pm (at least on some nights) for dancing.  I had the empanadas and the avocado sauce they come with is delicious.  Of course I had ceviche, the Salsa Verde one, which is on their regular menu was good but my favorite was the special of the day…  Pineapple Ceviche.  It was fresh, light and flavorful.


Washington D.C. was fun too.  I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Reflection Pool, and the White House.  The Museums looked impressive but, didn’t have enough time to go in so, just like with Pittsburgh, this is another city I will have to visit again.


Of course, since this apparently was a “food” trip, my meal here was excellent as well.  Went for brunch at Old Ebbit Grill, where I had the Eggs Atlantic – same concepts as Eggs Benedict but with seared salmon.  This was outstanding!  That salmon was perfection, I could have had it by itself.  Almost forgot about the appetizer, the Crab and Artichoke dip is addictive.  Believe me you must try this!  Oh, and desert, you must order desert…  actually you must order the Chocolate chip Bread pudding.  It is heavenly.  Warm, not too sweet, right amount of chocolate and they top it with vanilla ice cream slowly melting on top of it.  This dessert is flawless.


If you get the chance to go to all or any of these places, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  I should go on a diet now, but have no regrets, I enjoyed every bite.


“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

28 Jun

They say “Home is where the heart is”, but what happens when your heart is filled with so many people and these people are all in many different places?  Where is home?  The answer is easy…  wherever you are with one or more of these loved ones.

My life started in PR, where I truly thought I would stay all my life.  My family and friends were all there, so home was there, in every sense of the word.  I didn’t know how little my PR (and home) was or how big the “outside world” was, or how life changes in a blink of an eye.  I was happy and comfortable, and completely unaware of how my definition of “home” would change later on in life.

My cousin moved when I was 12 years old.  That’s the first time I felt my heart be at more places than one.  Then my friends for college, another cousin moved…  And then, it was my turn.

I still call PR my home.  My “roots” are there, I still have family and friends there, so many happy memories, beautiful sights, amazing food and wonderful smells that will always remind me of that “home” but, I also call where I live now “home”.  I have family here, I’ve met great friends, have built a life and I’m creating countless of priceless memories here too.  My heart has expanded, and my home has too.

Now, these are not my only two homes…  I experienced another meaning of the word when one of my cousins moved to Chicago for a while.  I went to visit her, and her husband, and because she was there, and the memory of our childhood together floated wherever we went, it became my home during the time I was there.  My heart recognized her, and our time together, and made it feel my own.  Same thing with my other cousin who I visited in San Francisco, and Maryland.  Completely new places for me but they didn’t seem like it since I had her (and family) there with me.  When you visit someone you always reminisce about the time you spent together growing up, or school, etc., making your heart full of nostalgia and longing for “home”, and you create a new one right there.  It might be for a weekend, a week, month…  It doesn’t matter, what does is how you feel, how when the time comes to leave you realize you will miss it.

There’s places I haven’t been yet, where I know there’s friends and family who will make me feel right at home if/when I get the chance to visit, and I can’t wait.

There’s also places, like work locations, that, because of how many times you visit them, they also start to feel like a “second home”.  You feel familiar with them and comfortable.  When you travel and you identify with a culture, or love the architecture or their way of life, you may feel “right at home” and make the move to make it your own.  Looking at it that way, the World is our home or, it can be even smaller than my PR, home can be in the arms of just one person.

As I said, the definition of “home” changes, and it’s different to everyone.  What should always remain the same is that home should be a place where you feel happy, safe, comfortable, somewhere you belong and where you build wonderful memories.  Home is what you miss, what your heart recognizes and wants, what makes it jump with joy.  A place you want to go back to.  May you all have such a place (and people) in your life, and hope you keep finding more.



All That Gossip…

3 Jun

I’ve always tried my best to stay away from the line of gossip and drama.

I did pretty good during my high school and college years…  I escaped it without even a “scratch” and I really thought that by the end of those years I, and everyone else, would be in the clear.  So imagine my surprise, and somewhat disappointment, to see more of this in my “adult life” than I did before.  It’s like a lot of people regress instead of “growing up”.

Why are people so interested in other people’s lives?  How does it affect you what they wear, drive, where they live, or who they date or don’t?

In my opinion, if you were happy with your own life this would not happen…  Then again, social media does not make the matter any easier, and this is coming from an avid social media user…  I do think it helps connect people, and keep long distance relationships but, when used to pry, criticize, and gossip, that’s when I have a problem with it.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize, it’s human nature to talk about others, but let’s think about it…  gossip usually comes from assumptions, of half-stories we hear, of someone wanting to harm someone else so, why take a part of it?  Why not show that we are better as human beings, ignore it and put an end to it.  That way you protect the person who’s being talked about, and the one spreading the rumors of becoming a worst human being.  Also, you protect yourself…  who is to say the next target of the gossip isn’t you.

The time you spend hearing and spreading rumors, should be spent on your own life.  Work on making yourself happy, find a hobby, read a book, forgive, love, live!  If someone wronged you, or hurt you, or if you think the “grass is greener” on that other side, let it go, trying to hurt them by gossiping about them hurts you as well…  all that anger, or envy, or whatever consuming feeling that made you start that rumor will eat you inside and will never let you be happy.  So, forget the past, and don’t be so concerned about other people’s lives.  Live yours, treat each day as if it was your first and enjoy it.   Live and let live!



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