Time to Fly…

21 Jul

Delta Airlines was the winner for this trip…  They had the flights at the times we needed and cheaper than just about every other airline flying to Prague, Czech Republic.

Yup, this is the  destination I’ll tell you all about – Prague! –  but first, a little about how we made it there.  About 14 hours it took…  

We started our journey at the Fort Lauderdale airport.  Very organized for international travelers.  The young guy at the counter was extremely helpful trying to sit us all together in a full flight.  At the end it wasn’t possible but at least we were near each other.

We had a connecting flight in Atlanta and same experience for both flights.  Both on time, they were able to store our dresses (for the wedding we were attending)  without a problem.  Staff very friendly and ready to help in whatever they could.

From Atlanta to Prague, since it’s a longer flight, we got complimentary drinks. Including beer and wine.  We also got dinner, your choice of chicken or pasta (I know, sounds like that old commercial)  I chose the pasta, a plate of tortelini with a cheese sauce – not bad…  On the side you get a ‘house salad’ with Italian vinaigrette dressing, bread with butter, crackers and cheese, and a chocolate chip Blondie for dessert.  A whole meal!  Once we’re done with dinner they prepared the aircraft for ‘bed time’.  If you’re not sleepy or can’t sleep on a plain, you can choose to see another of the movies they show – 3 total and a couple of TV series.  In the morning you get breakfast…  Warning!!! Stay away from the english muffin with egg, it tasted like cardboard.  Thankfully they also included a banana and orange juice plus your choice of coffee, tea, water, etc.

Movie selection included:
Country Strong
King’s Speech
Harry Potter
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
And more for both kids and adults.

Based on this trip, Delta has good service, competitive prices, customer friendly crew, food, drinks and movies, everything you’ll need especially during long flights.

Prague awaits…


One Response to “Time to Fly…”

  1. Nahitza July 22, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Gre how excited!!! I’m so happy that I am one of the people who encourage you to do this. People take notice!!!!….. Not of me, of my sister and her skills!!! She will concord the world!!! So happy you are doing this!! You have the dedication and most important the passion for it.

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