We’ll need music

27 Jul

There’s one other thing you need when traveling, that I forgot to mention on my previous post… Music!

This is essential. Imagine you’ve watched all the movies your eyes can handle, or you want to cancel the other passengers’ or airplane noise, or simply to make time in that plane go by faster… Yes, you can listen to the plane stations but even better is having your own playlist. Here are 3 suggestions to have your favorite music with you at all times:

We all know iTunes…

Drag on Tape is an application where you can make a “mix tape” of videos you’ve searched (i.e. Youtube). So here you have both music and videos.

And there’s Spotify. The hot, new trend for music lovers. Quick and easy playlists plus you can share your music with friends. personally I’m using this one. It’s relatively new but so far I’m really liking it.

* membership required & in some cases purchase is necessary


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