We’re in Prgue! And I’ll tell you where to stay

3 Aug

In Prague you can find all sorts of hotels: small, touristy, antique, over the top… There are also what they call Pension. These are usually more affordable, with less commodities (i.e. restaurant, 24 hours front desk, etc) but when you just want a place to sleep these are the way to go and save for the many other things there’s to do.

We were lucky to get a recommendation for Pension Balbin. Located at 15 minutes (walking) from the main square, this is a great option to stay in Prague. You can choose between different rooms, single, double or even have an apartment (different settings too). To check in, go up the stairs (it’s a workout, especially to get to the fifth floor where the reception is) or take the elevator. The later will be very useful when traveling with elderly people, disabled, or just coming back to your room tired of all the walking and sightseeing. But note, it’s rather small and aged, since the building is from the late 1800s. This makes the Pension more special and quaint.

Pension Balbin offers daily breakfast, and all staff speaks, at least a little bit of, English.

Every room is very comfortable. You get your own key to come in and out of the Pension at whichever time you want. Remember to lock your door, with the key, when coming in or going out. One thing worth noting, rooms do not have air conditioning so, if you are traveling on the summer time or get really hot, ask for a fan, they can provide one if not all are being used in other rooms.

Rooms do have phones, and TV. If staying at one of the apartments, instead of in a room, you’ll even get cable, which was great for us – we got to see the NBA Finals games. Although not so great watching The Heat lose. Only sad moment while in Prague.

Anyways… Back to our Pension. If you need a computer they have one, for guests, behind the reception. They also sell water, beer, wine, and snacks.

We had an amazing week in Prague, and having pension Balbin’s comfy beads at the end of each day helped us be ready for the next.



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