Dinner @ u Sadlu – a must do in Prague!

7 Aug

Literally a few steps away from pension Balbin.

I loved this restaurant. You are greeted by an armored statue, to set the Gothic/ Medieval tone of the restaurant inside. It’s sort of cave, you go down the stairs and are greeted by the server or the bar, whichever you see first.

Decoration inside is with more armored details, flags, big candle chandeliers (like the ones you see in movies). Lights are dim, tables, chairs, and other furniture is dark wood, giving it a more rustic/ old era feel.

To start they give you some bread and, instead of butter, they serve it with a mixture of potatoes and what I think was bacon fat – it tasted just like lard – you will either love it hate. In my case, one small bite was more than enough, and never again.

Menu is good for everyone. They offer chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetarian dishes, and more. Main plates, sides, and desserts are translated to English, everything else, good luck… Fortunately our server was super nice, patient, and did his best to understand what we wanted. We were very grateful for that.

I ordered the goulash, and everyone at the table was eating from my plate. This is one of their typical dishes and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with it. Also tried the skewer dish, meat and chicken were tender and so well seasoned. For that plate we had special effects… Right before coming out, they turned off the lights and out comes this dish with blue flames – really cool. Also cool, the smile on our sever’s face when he saw that we liked it. Ok, back to the food. The beef with bacon and beans was outstanding. So tender, flavor was amazing, and even with the bacon it did not taste greasy at all.

This is one place you should put on your list when visiting Prague. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


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