My first meal in Prague @ U Stare Posty

7 Aug


We were told this place serves typical Czech food, in a typical Czech environment.
As soon as you walk in there’s the bar. Beer is the drink of choice. The beer advertised is Pilsner. When you ask for beer that is what you’ll get, and in a barrel looking-glass. Now, I’m not really a beer drinker but, after my first one here, it was my drink of choice while in Prague. Very surprised with how well it pairs with their food. A perfect match.

They have inside and outside seating. Note that smoking inside is still allowed here, for this reason we chose to sit outside. The tables are covered so you’ll be protected from the sun plus will enjoy the occasional breeze (depending on what time of year it is).

Our server was nice but not too friendly. His english was very limited and was very difficult to order. This is one example of what i mentioned on my previous post… Some of the sections in their menu are translated to English but others are not, making it almost impossible for tourists to choose what to eat. Thankfully we had someone who speaks the language help us. Unfortunately our translator had to leave and we were “lost in translation” again. Our orders got mixed up, and us, not understanding them, and not familiar with their food, went with what was put in front of us. Once we tasted the food realized that 3 plates were switched but luckily, everything was delicious so no one cared about not eating what they ordered. Still, it would have been nice if the server would have been more helpful, instead of saying “I don’t remember what you each ordered, I just bring food out”. Guess we’re spoiled at the States, where severs take note of who ordered what and where everyone’s seated.

Again, luckily all the food was really good. From their typical Czech food section we ordered the goulash – beef stew with potato dumplings, Potato pancakes with sausage and sauerkraut, potato covered Brie baked until the cheese melts, and more… I ordered the Pork trio with 3 different types of cheese. These are 3 pork tenderloin, one with blue cheese on top, the other with Brie cheese, and a third cheese (not really sure which kind but was delicious and perfectly melted on top of the meat). As a side, I had their boiled potatoes. That is one thing you HAVE TO try while in Prague. You might think, why is she telling us to order such a plain, boring food? That’s what I thought until I tried them. Their potatoes are different, creamy, flavorful, they don’t even need butter. Still I had a side of tartar sauce, which apparently is very common there.

Bottom line, if you can familiarize yourself with the food, or have someone who can translate for you, I do recommend trying out this place, the food is worth everything else.


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