Hotel U Prince – The Terrace (Prague)

10 Aug

On the 5th floor at the Hotel U Prince, you will find their restaurant, also known as The Terrace. Here you will find a good view of Old Town, Prague Castle, and surroundings.

That day was quite an experience. We are enjoying the view, ordered our food… As soon as we’re served, I feel a thing hit my head, it was a seat cushion that flew on me. Black clouds and terribly strong winds almost blew away the terrace cover. Everyone was rushed downstairs, just in time. As soon as we got inside ‘all hail broke lose’ literally. Heavy rain, and hail came pouring down. We all had to carry our own plates, drinks, everything, while the staff, and some of the men eating there held everything from blowing away. You know it’s bad when even the staff looked concerned, and doesn’t do anything to hide it from their guest. But, thankfully, no one got hurt and, like I said, it was an experience.

Servers worked quickly downstairs to accommodate us. They improvised a table inside for us, and another for the other couple that was still there (everyone else went to the bar). They apologized for the inconvenience and we resumed our dinner. I ordered the Chicken Stir Fry. Plates here are not big, but I was satisfied with mine. Chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and some seeds. The prongs with boiled potatoes were good too, and you can choose between 6 or 12 prongs. The Chicken plate with vegetables, was another winner. If you’re very hungry, avoid the caprese salad. This was all lettuce, 3 mini cherry tomatoes, and about 2 mini mozzarella, and a lot of onions. Those in our party who ate it said it was good but definitely not enough.

For drinks you have a wide variety to choose from: frozen drinks, cocktails, Martinis, shots, coffee drinks, and non- alcoholic mixes like the Coconut Dream which I was told was delicious. I had the Tiger Milk: kaluha, dark rum, creme the cacao, and cream, served in a mini martini glass with mint leaves. Not too sweet, so it was perfect for me.

Since portions weren’t big, and we couldn’t go out because of the rain, we ordered dessert. Tiramussu was served in a Martini glass – very pretty, Creme Brûlée was big enough for two, although so good you might not want to share, and the Strawberries with Mascarpone was light, fresh, just perfect.


After the long walks around ‘Old Town’ this is the place to go to relax, enjoy the view, and some good food and drinks. Just check the skies before you go upstairs, remember, if it looks like rain, stay away, unless you want a story to tell, like me.

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