A Very Special Day in Prague (and in our hearts)

14 Aug


So this is what a Wedding feels like…
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to other weddings but, it’s always been friends, or cousins getting married, not ‘immediate’ family, when you’re right in the middle of everything.

I helped plan a little at first, until they decided to have the wedding in Czech, after that, I dedicated myself to planning a bridal shower for my sister, and find the perfect gift for her. Mission accomplished on both. Yay!!!

Still, even after all that, looking at dresses, flowers, invitations, etc, it seems like it still didn’t hit me that my ‘baby’ sister was getting married. That was until the night before, at 2:53am when I, all of a sudden, woke up with a knot in my stomach. Don’t know what exactly I was feeling, excitement, a bit of sadness (she’s all ‘grown up’ now), nerves for her? Who knows… What I do know is that it didn’t take me long to go back to sleep knowing that she’s extremely happy, that it’s true what they say “I’m not losing a sister, I’m officially gaining a (amazing) brother”, and an extended family who loves her.

7am Alarm goes off. Breakfast with the family and right after, getting ready mode.
Hair, makeup, nails, dresses, the usual… What I found funny was getting a flashback, while doing my hair, of my friends and I doing the same thing in the gym’s bathroom, in high school, for our pin ceremony. All of us doing each other’s hair and makeup, laughing, and being silly. Guess good moments bring happy memories back to us. 🙂

1pm I make my way downstairs where my sister is getting ready. She looks absolutely beautiful and happy. Photos are being taken all over in the suite by the photographers and family members. Can’t wait to see her wedding album, with all pictures taken, it will sure be a vivid memory of that day.

An hour drive to Chateau Dobříš… We arrived and wait for the ceremony to start. Not hard waiting when you have beautiful gardens to admire. That amazing green from the gardens, contrasting with the perfect blue summer sky. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place or day to get married.


4pm Ceremony begins. Groom walks with his mom, she has the most amazing smile on her face. Then my dad with the bride. I can’t help get a little teary eyed but compose myself as soon as I see her laughing – my dad always clowning around with us. 🙂
They exchanged their vows both in Czech and English. So cute seeing her already adapting to her ‘new’ family life. Now they’re husband and wife, and like my brother said on his speech, “our family grew” and we couldn’t be happier.

6pm We’re headed to the reception. Really cool place with a sort of little cave type of room/ lounge for drinks. Then we went to the dining room for some great Czeck food – among the plates, Svičková, one of my sister’s favorite. After the wedding cake we went back to the ‘cave’ for dancing – salsa, merengue, ballenato, techno… The couple had a great selection of music, keeping all their guests dancing, laughing, and, of course, so happy we got to celebrate this important day with them.

As I sit here writing this I smile, knowing that they were definitely made for each other and that they found their “happily ever after”. May we all be so lucky.


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