Sites of Prague

15 Aug

The newlyweds arranged a day tour around the city for us.
Our guide (Jorge) speaks Czech, English, Spanish, and Russian.
He took us through Old Time Square, right next to the Astronomical Clock. This is called The Center.

Jorge told us a bit of Czech history, right at the beginning, the rest was portioned through different parts of the tour. We went all through Old Town, saw the Jewish Town, and Little Town, and, of course, Charles Bridge. What impressed me most on the tour was the following:

* Charles Bridge, and it’s view of the city.
This is a must when visiting Prague. No matter which way you look, it’s a ‘photo’ view. There are artisans, selling jewelry, hair accessories, and more.
There’s a bronze plaque on the bridge showing a man being pushed, to drown, from this same bridge. This is a statue of John of Nepomuk. John was a bishop who apparently went against the King. Accused of treachery, he was tortured and killed. His body plunged right were his statue now stands. For those who believe, it is said that, if you touch this plaque with your left hand, it means you’ll return to Prague.


* Lunch at Restaurant Konirna (horse barn)
It was outstanding. I had the chicken, wrapped in ham, with mushroom risotto. I’m not lying when I say, it was one if the best things I ate in Prague. Plus they speak English.

* President’s palace.
Every day, at noon, you can see the long change of the guards ceremony, at the entrance. We went later but were still able to see the quick change of guards. They are very serious, focused, and ceremonial.
Another fun fact, if the flag, to the right, when entering the palace, is up, this means the president is in.


* St. Virus Cathedral
I think Gothic is my favorite style of architecture.
Right behind the castle, you will find this gothic monument – absolutely impressive. Hand painted windows, gargoyles guarding outside, beautiful high ceilings. This is an amazing work of art, one you must see with your own eyes.


* Lennon’s wall.
When Lennon was killed, they did a symbolic tomb by painting his face ‘graffiti’ style on the wall. Now, unfortunately, people have not respected what the wall was made for and just do graffiti of anything, as on many other walls around the city. Still, pretty cool to imagine all the people gathered around commemorating Lennon.


* There’s a place with a lot of locks. These were put there by couples promising each other eternal love. Wonder how many of these are still together…


* Wallenstein Garden
Here we saw an albino peacock – beautiful, probably, once in a lifetime view.
There’s a pond where you can feed the ducks, statues and fountains.
At the end you will see a wall of that, from afar, looks like it’s made of skulls. Once you get closer it looks more like stalactites but this is man-made. Pretty cool!
Right next to this is the aviary for exotic birds.



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