Prague goes French

21 Aug

restaurace is a French restaurant we visited while in Prague…

Table for 10, which means 10 drinks at once, plus wine carafe. I would never attempt it but, our brave server did and unfortunately lost. Of all things, wine goes down. Nooooo! It’s ok, we mourned a little but when it’s replacement came we were all happy again. Our server apologized profusely – poor lady really felt bad when, to us, it was just a minor delay to order.

I started with the duck Foie Gras. Served with perfectly toasted bread and caramelized red onions. At first I hesitated on the onions but once I tried it all together it was delicious. Even my “picky eater” sister liked it.

As main course I had the duck breast, also really good. Served with orange and a Grand Marnier Sauce. All main dishes come with 3 sides: potatoes, and different vegetables. That night we got creamy potatoes, white asparagus, and artichoke. Yes, I tried all 3 and cannot tell you which was my favorite. I would go have them again.

From the other plates at the table, I tried the Coq au Vin – this is one of their most generous portioned plates, the Fricase the Guinea, and the Beef Cheeks were so tender you almost didn’t need a knife.

Wine carafe was enough for four glasses, and good pairing to our dinner.

Oh, and their coffee, I LOVED! I had a “piccolo”, which is like an espresso, it’s thick and strong – exactly how coffee should be.

It’s located near the National Centre so you have a nice view when waking by.

Another good restaurant to try while in Prague.


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