International Noodles in Prague

17 Oct


Inside The Yasmin hotel is located “Noodles”. Here you will find typical Czech food but, it’s real allure, as the name implies is the international noodles the serve.
You can enjoy fantastic Italian, Chinese, Thai or Mongolian pasta, and from other countries too.

I went with Germany. Ordered the Speatzle with mushrooms sauce, roasted ham, “Wiener“ onion and fresh vegetables. Everyone at the table had to try it and agreed it was delicious. Creamy, full of flavor, and the fresh salad was a great side.


The food is not the only great thing about this place but service is great too, at least we had a great experience. Party of 10, the lady taking care of us was very helpful with the language, making recommendations, and making sure we were all pleased with what we ordered. To the point that she exchanged my drink (it was too strong for me) without a face or complaint. She just removed from our check and replaced with something else.

The decor is very cool, modern, and inviting. Starting at the lobby area with sofas and comfortable seating area, making it’s way to the restaurant, to the outside garden seating, perfect for the cooler, blue sky days.

I ended my meal with dessert and a fresh mint tea.


Not sure why but, the presentation, and the fact of it being fresh gave this a more personable touch, making me like “Noodles” even more.


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