On our way to Italy on Wizz Air

12 Jun


It’s been a while since I’ve written here… About time I share the rest of last summer’s trip, don’t you think?

As you can read on my previous entries, we were in Prague for our sister’s wedding.

Prague to Venezia is less than 2 hours by plane. Of course, we decided to extend our trip and see some of Italy…

Wizz Air is one of the cheapest, and recommended airlines by the locals.

Our flight’s attendants were not too friendly, they’re there to do their job, and that’s it. They were very strict! Do not lower the tray table before departing, do not recline your chair, and do not forget to turn off your phones… If you forget one of these things, you will be told, and if you don’t understand or don’t obey, they might almost bark. But if your good, follow instructions and smile, you will be ok.

Airplane is clean, flight was on time, flight was more than $50 cheaper than other airlines… That’s all I need, especially for such a short flight.

I’m in Italy!!!
Hope you enjoy this trip as much as we did.


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