27 Feb

From the airport in Prague we took a bus, walked, then the vaporato (water taxi), then walked some more, and finally got to our hotel.

My first impression of Venezia, to be honest, smelly!!! It was raining and, apparently, all the bad smell from the water (which everyone warns you about) came up. That, and how rude the vaporato guy was. Ugh!

Finally at the hotel, we rested a bit and went to see Venezia. Rain had stopped, hotel staff showed us how to get to the water taxis faster, all was good again. Water didn’t smell anymore, we get to our stop and we are right in front of Piazza San Marcos. Here you are greeted by lots of vendors, but shopping can wait, go straight to the piazza (square), the principal square in Venice. Here you will enjoy beautiful Renaissance architecture, history, people watching, and all to the beautiful sound to the cathedral bells and mini orchestras playing at some of the cafes surrounding the square.


From there, go, get lost in the streets of Venezia. Don’t be afraid, even when you think you won’t find your way back, you’ll see a sign, or the water, to guide you. If not, just follow groups of people, especially tourists, one of you is sure to find the way.

Water taxis run until late so take your time, and enjoy the sights, the food, shops, eat gellatto, even ride in a gondola and, of course, take lots of pictures. On your way back on the vaporato, look back and take in, one more time, the amazing, romantic view Venezia offers.


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