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A little Inspiration

30 Jul

Waking up to stormy like weather is not the best way to start your day but, as soon as I looked outside a little bit of sunlight was starting to peak through the dense clouds and everything around seem to feel it.  I looked out my window and saw 2 beautiful butterflies flying around playfully through the flowers, an iguana slowly making its way through the grass perfectly matching it’s color, 3 ducks blissfully swimming on the lake, and a cute squirrel jumping towards a half open coconut someone had left and it just ate happily, looking up from time to time making sure nothing would steal it away.  Then, when I thought that was all, a tiny little head popped from the lake…  a turtle coming out to bask.   

 You may read this and think it all inconsequential, or look at it and not even pay attention to it but, at that moment it meant a lot to me and brought a smile to my face.  It reassured me of how after every storm the sun always shines, and seeing all these little animals have all they need made me realize how true the words of Mathew 6: 25-32 are.

Let’s look beyond the grey skies, and the stormy weather… there’s way to many things to celebrate and be grateful for each day. 

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. 

Enjoy today!

An Exciting Life

16 Jul

I read this recently…

“I think I’m greedy, but I’m not greedy for money – I think that can be a burden – I’m greedy for an exciting life”  – David Hockney

That is exactly why I started this blog.  We can all define exciting differently but we all want to feel it.

To me traveling is exciting, meeting new people, trying new restaurants and food, festivals, concerts, etc. But have also realized that even a walk outside can be exciting, as long as you have the right attitude.  As I said on my first post, “Who says that with every step we take we’re not traveling towards something or somewhere?”

Let’s all be greedy, let’s all aspire to an exciting life.


4th of July in Key West

12 Jul

Blue skies, white clouds painted on them…  Calm blue water on each side of your car on a 7 mile bridge…  yes, you guessed it, we’re going to Key West!


4 days in this little bit of paradise, no work, no schedule, just a relaxed long weekend with friends.  I smile just thinking about it, and wish I was still there waking up late, and going straight to Baby’s Coffee to get a different flavored latte each day, in my pajamas because the Keys life is so laid back that no one cares.  Or having a strong but sweet colada at Cuban Queen Coffee.


I had oysters for the first time.  Ok, they were cooked but still my first time.


I had Dark & Stormy drinks, Pain Killers (although there was no pain on this “vacation”)

Image       Image

We watched the 4th of July fireworks, with our red and blue star shaped glasses on, to be festive like everyone else.

Image   Image   Image

We sunbathed, watched the boats go by, waiving hello and goodbye, as if they knew us because, again, this is the Keys life, friendly with no worries.


Santiago’s Bodega served us some of the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life and the service is equally amazing.  They started my night right with that smooth red sangria that if you are not careful will get you addicted and in fun trouble. The Porch invited me in for a beer to pass time while it was time for dessert at Better than Sex who always spoils chocolate lovers, like me, to decadent sweet treats, which you must pair with one of their rim job drinks.


Sunday came, we must go back.  We all know the answer but still asked “why”.  “Let’s just stay”, we jokingly said but we packed the car and left.

Goodbye long weekend, until next time Key West…  thanks for a great time!