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9 Aug



Those who know me, know that my “inner kid” never left me (and probably never will) and, one of the times it makes its presence felt the most is when it sees a candy store.

Since I could remember these have always made me happy, I immediately smile when I see all the colors and candy options.  Yes, I did eat most of these when I was little girl, but now, I  guess it’s just the memory of a “happy place” that makes me smile and the little kid inside of me just wants to get out and start pouring candy in the “per lb. bags”.  I’ve been trying to control myself, after realizing that a lot of the candy I liked before taste “different” now that I’m older but still, and I repeat, these stores are one of my happy places.  I even had a mini candy store, every summer, on my terrace.  I loved going to the warehouse to find all the candy I could sell.  Anyway, back to this candy store…  

When I saw It’Sugar I immediately smiled and almost ran to it.  It is all big windows so you can see from outside all they have to offer.  Just about every candy you can imagine, everything gummy (even a $35 giant snake), sugar candy, chocolate, jawbreakers in every size, gumballs, Nerds, lollipops, and so much more.  They also have novelty things like cute Bandages, Hello Kitty and Mini Mouse things, even TED!  I want one by the way…  It talks!

ImageI walked the whole store taking it all in, finding something at every turn, and came out with some Mary Jane (My Dad always got those for us growing up), a bag of Sixlets, and some other cute things like “Sugar Bandages” that say things like “sucker punched” and “heartbroken” (my “inner kid” for some reason likes band aids that say things too, it says they’re like removable tattoos)  :p


I think having that “inner kid” is fun, I suggest you let yours out and go to It’Sugar, you both will have a happy/sweet time.