A Fairytale Moment

5 Sep

I’ve realized, most of us, grow up wanting the fairytale ending we read in books, and see in movies. We are so focused on that happy ending that sometimes forget to enjoy the moment. Yes, there is hurt and heartbreak when the ending comes too soon, or not as expected (not that we ever expect it) but when looking back, you’ll see you’ve smiled, you’ve been happy, you’ve allowed yourself to dream, be hopeful, and be full of good expectations.

Unfortunately we have to land back to “ordinary” life when things don’t work out but, hopefully we come back stronger, and better equipped for the next story.

I know… You didn’t have your fairytale ending this time but at least you did get a fairytale moment, one that made you happy while it lasted, and leaves you wanting for it to happen again, and hopeful that next time will be for “ever after”.

While that fairytale ending comes, remember my favorite quote from the movie “Hope Floats”



2 Responses to “A Fairytale Moment”

  1. Bon Moments September 5, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    If we read through parenting blogs we see how fairytales are being re-written for stronger girls – ones who create their fairytale ending vs wait for it; Disney even admitted to having it’s last “princess”. Perhaps that’s because the world has taught us there is no fairytale, as you say it is up to us to create a life worth smiling about. It is great when a Prince comes along who enhances the world we’ve created, but it’s satisfying to know that we do not depend on such Prince for our happiness – that’s up to us! Here’s to the fairytale ending where we all realize we have the power to be happy, regardless of what Disney has taught us in the past. HUGS!

    • throughapurplelens September 6, 2013 at 4:11 am #

      Not only Disney but, TV and books in general.
      I still believe in (and love) fairytales… only thing is that, as we get older, we realize that they don’t always come when they’re “supposed” to, and that a “fairytale” is (and should be) defined differently by everyone. Just have to remember to enjoy the moments and not focus solely on that “ending”.

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