Crazy / Fun Months

19 Sep

I’ve always said “August is a crazy/ busy month”…  Every year I have countless events, invitations, dinners, happy hours, etc, all weekends full and weekdays too, and I know I’m not alone on this.  I think it’s just a universal characteristic of August, kind of like when people say “oh, you’re like “this” because you’re a Libra”, well August is like that just because it’s August.  It’s one of my favorite months of the year.  The “little planner” that I am loves seeing the calendar full, gets excited to go to new places, try new food and drinks, and always happy to be with friends.

This year I’ve gotten double dose of it because my September has turned out to be just as busy and fun, and I’m getting greedy, I want to do it all, but obviously can’t.  No complaints though…

I was finally able to go to one of the most legendary Pub-Crawls among my group of friends, and try bars I’ve been dying to go to for a while, and LOVED each one of them.  Two of those bars were Drogerie, in Miami, and Broken Shaker.  Also, was introduced to this beautiful bar that will immediately make you feel like you’re in the set of and old Hollywood Movie (Regent Cocktail Club)

I’ve been to several food challenges/ battles like craft beers, burger bash, ice cream battle, and food truck challenges, and more recently the “Yelp Pours It On” event where 5 of the best in Miami battled to be crowned best drink of the night, and we got to be the judges.  The venue (Gramps), again, one I had on my “to visit” list, and would love to go again!

This week is not as busy, which is a welcomed break to recharge for what’s to come…  Wine tastings, Craft beers, Tastemakers, Nights Out with friend(s), and still open for more.  :p

I’m so happy, and grateful, to have all these fun things to do in my life, and, most of all, great friends to share them with.

Hope you’re enjoying life, and having as much fun as I am right now!



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