Express yourself through pictures

4 Dec

Writing is not something that comes that easily to me.

It can be weeks or even months until I get an “inspiring” thought that brings me to an empty page in this blog.  Still, it’s something I enjoy, when it does happen, and will continue to write here but, for those “blank” moments in between, I’ve decided to express myself through pictures.

The way we see things, what we find beautiful, exciting, what attracts us to capture in a photo says a lot of who we are.  #nofilter or the way we play with them, #hashtags or none, #colors, #nature, #etc all show a little bit of us, our mood, our soul.

Follow @throughapurplelense on Instagram to see a little of what I’m about, and always check back here, I promise I will write as often as my thoughts run wild and inspiration hits.


One Response to “Express yourself through pictures”


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    […] I said on my blog post from December, I think this is the magic of pictures. They show a piece of you because even when […]

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