Human Relationships

21 Dec

I know this has been happening for a while now but, human relationships have been changing and becoming shorter and shorter.
I’m not old enough to say “back in my day…” but, I still can appreciate what my parents and grandparents say about it. I guess I’m “old fashioned” that way. I believe in taking the time to get to know a person, respect them, take them into consideration, build actual relationships… Regardless if it’s friendship or something more.

It’s sad to see how people just look for what the older generations call “instant gratification”. Not that I’m all against it but, when that is the norm, I think it becomes a problem.
People look at everyone and everything thinking “what can I get from it?”, “how will this benefit me now”, instead of looking inside and seeing how they can impact someone else’s life, for good or bad, depending on their actions.

Human relationships are losing their essence, starting from the very core… family. Wish people would take a look at themselves and see how much better they’d be if they cared. Most perfect example of this is the Holidays Season. I believe this is one of the few times, if not the only, unfortunately, some families spend time together. This year, that wasn’t even possible for a lot of them because now, not only we have “Black Friday” but, the stores were open the actual Thanksgiving day as well, “making” people be away from home and spend no time with those who really matter. If people can’t value the very first ones they interacted with and the ones who had loved them most, how will they treat anyone else any different? How will they have a relationship with others that are just a “passerby” in their eyes?

I was recently told I was “old enough” to understand that this is not how this world goes. Well, maybe there’s a little part in me, with an “old soul”, saying yes, I am old enough but to understand that it should. I refuse to get sucked in this “new” way of acting and thinking. I refuse to lose the opportunity to make a new (real) friend, the opportunity to connect with someone, and maybe find something more than that, but ultimately, mean something in people’s lives and them in mine.



2 Responses to “Human Relationships”

  1. Arturo January 18, 2014 at 4:00 am #

    Hi G!

    I really enjoyed reading this post and could not agree more with what you state. It is really sad indeed. Hopefully one day people realize how wrong we have changed and perhaps make a change for the better.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. throughapurplelens January 18, 2014 at 4:41 am #

    Thank you so much for following my blog. 🙂
    I too look forward to that day…

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