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(Un)Answered Questions

7 Jan

How can you go from not liking or not caring for someone to wanting them so much in your life?
How could months or a year of anticipation, end in just a few weeks of being with each other and then back to almost strangers?
How does your mind, and sometimes even your heart, get used to that person in just those few days or weeks?
How does your body and mind know, even when it’s sleeping, that you miss him/ her, that you wake up with your eyes burning and tired as if your body had cried the whole night thinking that, because the tears didn’t come, it was letting you rest for a while?
How can a happy/ beautiful memory hurt so much?

How do you go back to the start? Not necessarily the start of that “someone” but the start of “you”?

Luckily time helps with that and, the same way your body and mind know when you’re missing them, it also knows when it’s time to let go. Our stubborn self might hold on longer than it should but, it eventually happens.

We may find someone new, or we might have another chance with that same person, and almost inevitably we start the cycle again. Because feelings are persistent, even a little masochist, not afraid to take risks and, most of all, hopeful… and deep inside we are too, and that’s why we give in, time after time, eager to break that cycle one day, not too far away.

Until that day comes, take the lessons from those past experiences, don’t let them make you bitter, instead let them guide you to better things. Know your worth, and what you deserve, and remember you “sometimes have to listen to your brain to save your heart” but, never lose hope… Sure, “it is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does.” – Peter McWilliams