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“You attract more bees with honey”

7 Mar

They say “you attract more bees with honey”, and I’ve experienced this to be true.

Where ever you go, regardless of language, race, culture, a smile and nice tone of voice will usually open any door, and help you have a great experience and interaction with people.

I’m not saying I’m perfect and practice it at all times…  we all lose our temper from time to time but, when that happens, and I see the results, I realize how true that saying is, and how it’s better to think before speaking, and that sometimes silence is the best answer.

At work is where, I think, we need to practice it more.  You see these people probably more than you see your family.  You didn’t chose them as friends, yet you are “forced” to interact with them sometimes more than you wish to.  There are so many different personalities, situations, etc.  Yes, it can be difficult sometimes but, again, I’ve found it best to just step back, breathe and find the best way to approach the person instead of reacting or attacking.  The fact that we’re in an office means we’re all adults…  let’s act like it.

Imagine how nice and productive it would be if we all work as a team.  If, instead of taking everything so personal, you stop and realize that maybe that person is having a bad day or personal problem.  We all have them…

Unfortunately this week has been a trying one at work, with tempers off the roof.  One word and you get yelled at or attitude.  As much as you try to keep the peace, or stay away of these situations, when it’s constant, and all around, you can’t help but feel tired, unmotivated, and like giving up, which is an awful feeling.

Talking to friends, I know this is a global issue…  so please, watch your manners, take others into consideration, and remember “patience is a virtue”…  practice makes perfect.

It’s Thursday, week’s almost over.  Thankfully I’ve managed to keep my tone and a smile on my face.  Hope we can all do the same, every day.