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Let The Music Move You

1 Apr

Have you ever heard a song that transports you to some moment in the past?

What a question… of course you have!  We all have, and it’s not only one song but many…  Some take us back to happy times, some make us feel nostalgic, others make us think of people we love(d), others just make us feel happy, hopeful, and dance.

I started thinking about this the other day when, just with the first note of one song, I hadn’t heard in years, I was able to remember what movie it was from, the first time I heard it, what was happening in my life at that moment…  all that in just one note.

It’s amazing, and wonderful, the power music has on us.  They say everyone “dances to their own beat”, I believe this is true…  We consider ourselves spiritual beings but we’re all also musical.  I can’t imagine anyone not being affected by music, not being drawn by it, whatever genre you prefer.  It’s like it’s embedded in our souls.  Even without knowing we hold on to it, because it’s part of who we are.  So, let it move you, allow it to let you remember and wish, make it your own, and dance.