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“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

28 Jun

They say “Home is where the heart is” but, what happens when your heart is filled with so many people and these people are all in many different places?  Where is home?  The answer is easy…  wherever you are with one or more of these loved ones.

My life started in PR, where I truly thought I would stay all my life.  My family and friends were all there, so home was there, in every sense of the word.  I didn’t know how little my PR (and home) was or how big the “outside world” was, or how life changes in a blink of an eye.  I was happy and comfortable, and completely unaware of how my definition of “home” would change later on in life.

My cousin moved when I was 12 years old.  That’s the first time I felt my heart be at more places than one.  Then my friends for college, another cousin moved…  And then, it was my turn.

I still call PR my home.  My “roots” are there, I still have family and friends there, so many happy memories, beautiful sights, amazing food and wonderful smells that will always remind me of that “home” but, I also call where I live now “home”.  I have family here, I’ve met great friends, have built a life and I’m creating countless of priceless memories here too.  My heart has expanded, and my home has too.

Now, these are not my only two homes…  I experienced another meaning of the word when one of my cousins moved to Chicago for a while.  I went to visit her, and her husband, and because she was there, and the memory of our childhood together floated wherever we went, it became my home during the time I was there.  My heart recognized her, and our time together, and made it feel my own.  Same thing with my other cousin who I visited in San Francisco, and Maryland.  Completely new places for me but they didn’t seem like it since I had her (and family) there with me.  When you visit someone you always reminisce about the time you spent together growing up, or school, etc., making your heart full of nostalgia and longing for “home”, and you create a new one right there.  It might be for a weekend, a week, month…  It doesn’t matter, what does is how you feel, how when the time comes to leave you realize you will miss it.

There’s places I haven’t been yet, where I know there’s friends and family who will make me feel right at home if/when I get the chance to visit, and I can’t wait.

There’s also places, like work locations, that, because of how many times you visit them, they also start to feel like a “second home”.  You feel familiar with them and comfortable.  When you travel and you identify with a culture, or love the architecture or their way of life, you may feel “right at home” and make the move to make it your own.  Looking at it that way, the World is our home or, it can be even smaller than my PR, home can be in the arms of just one person.

As I said, the definition of “home” changes, and it’s different to everyone.  What should always remain the same is that home should be a place where you feel happy, safe, comfortable, somewhere you belong and where you build wonderful memories.  Home is what you miss, what your heart recognizes and wants, what makes it jump with joy.  A place you want to go back to.  May you all have such a place (and people) in your life, and hope you keep finding more.



All That Gossip…

3 Jun

I’ve always tried my best to stay away from the line of gossip and drama.

I did pretty good during my high school and college years…  I escaped it without even a “scratch” and I really thought that by the end of those years I, and everyone else, would be in the clear.  So imagine my surprise, and somewhat disappointment, to see more of this in my “adult life” than I did before.  It’s like a lot of people regress instead of “growing up”.

Why are people so interested in other people’s lives?  How does it affect you what they wear, drive, where they live, or who they date or don’t?

In my opinion, if you were happy with your own life this would not happen…  Then again, social media does not make the matter any easier, and this is coming from an avid social media user…  I do think it helps connect people, and keep long distance relationships but, when used to pry, criticize, and gossip, that’s when I have a problem with it.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize, it’s human nature to talk about others, but let’s think about it…  gossip usually comes from assumptions, of half-stories we hear, of someone wanting to harm someone else so, why take a part of it?  Why not show that we are better as human beings, ignore it and put an end to it.  That way you protect the person who’s being talked about, and the one spreading the rumors of becoming a worst human being.  Also, you protect yourself…  who is to say the next target of the gossip isn’t you.

The time you spend hearing and spreading rumors, should be spent on your own life.  Work on making yourself happy, find a hobby, read a book, forgive, love, live!  If someone wronged you, or hurt you, or if you think the “grass is greener” on that other side, let it go, trying to hurt them by gossiping about them hurts you as well…  all that anger, or envy, or whatever consuming feeling that made you start that rumor will eat you inside and will never let you be happy.  So, forget the past, and don’t be so concerned about other people’s lives.  Live yours, treat each day as if it was your first and enjoy it.   Live and let live!