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Hopes & Expectations

15 Oct

I just celebrated another year of my life.

These are always occasions of joy… you get to see how far you’ve come, how many friends are by your side, how family and those friends are so happy to have you in their lives, and they in yours.

Regardless of the age, one tends to look back to see where we’re at in life.  It’s not like you have a detailed  plan of how your life’s supposed to be but, you have certain expectations.

I had read before that “Expectation is the root of all heartache”… Somewhat true. When those expectations aren’t met we inevitably feel that way.

You expect to have accomplished “X” or “Y” by whatever age, and it might be taking longer. You expect to be treated one way but are treated another. You expect to have certain things and/or commodities but don’t. Unexpected news can throw you off for a bit. You expect to be happy but sometimes you can’t. Yes, this might bring disappointment and hurt, and it’s ok to feel that way, just don’t let it keep you down.

We should see expectations as guidelines. Those expectations can be goals, can be what tells you how you want to be treated, where you want to go, they can be wishes and dreams that one day may come true… They are not set in stone, they should not define your life or how others see it. If those expectations are not yet met, keep going. It doesn’t mean they are lost. It just means it wasn’t the time or maybe you set them too high. Maybe sometimes we create our own “heartbreak” but, only we can control that. It’s up to us if we keep fighting for them, create new ones, or give up, which I hope we never do.

At the end of the day, when you look at your life, you will find you’ve come a long way and have so much ahead of you, that you have friends and family that love you unconditionally, that some things take more time than others, and that when they finally come they were well worth the wait. You’ll also see that, regardless of how you felt when you “didn’t get what you wanted”, you most likely still keep holding on to those expectations because expectation is also defined as hope, and hope “it’s what keeps us alive”.