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Crush & Gurgle The Turtles

29 May

I had to part from my turtles today… makes me sad but at the same time I know it’s for their best.

My dad bought them for me.  I named them Crush & Gurgle The Turtles, they were with me for 10 years. Got them when they were babies, not even 1.5” long.  Had them in a little island, with a palm tree until they outgrew that.

They shared a tank, swam, ate and played together but, as siblings usually do, they became territorial and needed their own space. They have very distinct personalities and preferences so, another tank was bought. They had separate “rooms” now but always kept them close as, they still looked for each other through the glass.

Crush loves to bask in the “sun” light, is more aggressive, and impulsive.

Gurgle loves swimming, has a peaceful/ chill-out face, and is a little more curious but cautious at the same time

After some years, they again outgrew their homes… 2 more tanks to buy, and everything that comes with it. A lot more room in the house for them, and a lot more maintenance time. I never minded any of this, until 2 or 3 months ago when I noticed their tanks were too small again. At about 7” – 8” now (and still growing), they were not able to swim as much, they were clearly going to be very uncomfortable soon… I asked myself, do I keep investing in bigger tanks, more maintenance and expenses or do I look for a better home for them? Very tough decision.

I’m not comparing a pet to a child but, this is the closest I’ve been to my maternal instincts. My pets are my kids.

I feel like maybe this is how parents feel when kids go away to school, or get their own place, get married, etc.

You know it’s right for them to “swim away” and make it in the “real world”, you feel proud of how much they’ve grown and who they’ve become, but you still remember that little baby that needed so much of you.

As soon as Crush & Gurgle saw open water they swam happily in to it (Crush first, obviously). As sad as I was to see them go, it was a happy moment at the same time. Seeing them swim freely, with no space limitation, and how fast they adapted, made me feel good about the care I gave them while they were mine. Even more so, when Gurgle came back and looked at me for a bit as if saying goodbye and thank you.

Kids grow up, they find their independence, and our parents, let us do this and find ourselves.

That’s what I found was best for my turtles and with a heavy heart I said good bye, and good luck! Wishing them a long and exciting journey in their new home.

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