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11 Aug

Have you ever noticed how love and relationships are like gambling…Some play just for the fun of it, others go “all in”, some just simply stay away afraid of losing, and others are addicted and/ or obsessed.

Then there are the ones who know what they’re doing, study the table, know what they have to go in with, and know when to fold and call it a day, or when to play that winning hand.

This last one I think is hard. 

Casinos play with money, relationships play with hearts. I think we can all agree the later is more important and, sometimes, harder to fix.

The ones who are just players, never really get anything out of it. At least not what’s important, in my opinion, the real connection with someone. These people just go from “table” to “table” without any commitment, or real interest. They are just killing time, enjoying that one moment and go.

The ones who go “all in”, without thinking, risk the most. These, most probably, turn into the obsessive ones. Just when you think you have dealt your last card, you think you’ve found another one that can save you, and another one, until you realize you are all out and without anything to show for it. Only a broken heart and disappointment. 

The ones who stay away, will be lonely, and still their hearts will be hurt because we all need to connect with others, and we all want love and companionship.

Again the last one is the hardest… I think to get to that level you probably must go through a couple of the others, to know yourself, what you want and can tolerate, what is a good or bad “hand”/ Relationship. To go into the next one with open eyes, open heart, with the right amount of cautiousness, or to realize you have been dealt the winning one.

In all scenarios you risk something of yourself. It’s up to you how much, and how you deal with it afterwards. 

Now, there’s one more thing to consider when gambling… Luck. For some reason there are times when this just happens to be on our side and nothing can go wrong.  Just like when you meet someone, if you’re lucky that is “the one”, or you think they are. When you feel like luck is on your side, smile, grab it, and enjoy it. Hopefully the “luck” will last, maybe even forever.

Some win, some lose but, it’s like they say “the bigger the risk, the grater the reward”.

Don’t be afraid, play your hand, and again, until you get what you want. 

Do it responsibly, and yes, you may act cautiously but, open yourself to the experience, gamble a little, I’m sure we’ll all win something at the end.