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This is life… 2016

31 Dec

This is life… it kicks us down and then helps us get back up. There’s ups and there’s downs.

This year was a bit tough for me. I lost people I cared about, I’ve felt alone, I’ve felt what seemed like inconsolable sadness, I’ve been heartbroken. 

To lose someone you love is one of the hardest things this life can throw at you. Yes, it’s part of life but you are never prepared. I still feel very deeply the loss of those I don’t have with me anymore. My tears may not come as often and uncontrollable as when they left but, they are missed, and it always hurts.

The loneliness, thankfully, was temporary, and probably even “mental”. Sometimes we close ourselves in our feelings so tight that we isolate ourselves and dwell in it more than we should, but at that moment, that feeling is so real, and so wrenching, it’s painful. 

Heartbreak is out of your hands, really. You go into things/ situations hoping for the best, hoping they last but it not always works out that way.  Sometimes loss is not physical, and these hurt just as much. But, as I said, life also helps you back up, and it’s always good to see things in a “glass half full” kind of way. So, maybe that heartbreak wasn’t the end of it, maybe it’s a needed break and life gives you a second chance, to reconnect, try again, or start something completely new. It always finds a way to help mend your heart.

When you feel alone, turn to your family and friends. They, in my case, and I’m sure in many of yours, are a blessing and always there to support you at all times. When I see how loving an amazing my circle is, I have to really think, why and how did I ever feel that way? Thanks to them is that I am able to say that feeling was just temporary.

And, as is a law of life, with death comes life. Not that the ones who come can ever replace the ones we’ve lost but, the birth of my niece was definitely a reason to dry the tears and smile and celebrate. Her smile lights up any room, and any nostalgic thought that may cross our minds. 

Yes, life throws some punches… As you can see 2015 was no exception but, it did come with a lot of great moments as well, lots of laughter, new and old friends, love, beautiful memories, new and unforgettable experiences, and my amazing family, and for all these I am so grateful.

So, as we ring in the new year:

* take time to remember those no longer with us

* thank those who are and remain with you through thick and thin

* let go of any grudges, and open yourself to forgive, and apologize as well 

* think of last year and learn from it, work to make yourself better

* live each day, enjoy it. Don’t waste it on the past, or what’s yet to come

* be grateful, and hope for the best. 

Again, the “glass is always half full”, we just have to adjust our view.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016!


A wedding…  From a big sisters eyes

1 Dec

As an older sibling, I assume we all feel this, we are very protective of our younger brothers and/or sisters.We’ve seen them grow and have so many memories of them that makes us feel like they are ours and hard to “share” them.

The idea of them falling in love and “leaving the nest” is a little scary and sad because you are used to having them around, and there’s a concern of losing them to that new person and family.

In my case, my brother and sisters are my best friends, confidants, shoulder to lean on, and source of happiness and laughter, so yes, that concern has always been there for every one of them. You would think that with one already married this feeling would be less but, no, it’s still there for each of them. Weather you show it or not, you care and protect them in every way possible.

This past month my “baby” brother got married. A lot of emotions were flowing though me that day… 

I have always been so proud of him, the responsible and caring boy, of the man he’s become, and the wonderful husband and father I know he will be.

Even though he’s all grown up, and a lot taller than me, he will always be “mi hermanito” and nostalgia came over me. Yes, I shed some tears thinking of all the memories I have of him, from his birth all the way to him telling us he had found “the one”.   

But the thing I felt most was love and happiness. Happy that he found such an amazing person to share his life with, and a wonderful addition to our family. The concern I talk about above was never there with her, instead she became my friend and now (officially) my sister.   And love, because that’s what they’ve shown each other since they met, what they both have shown us, and what each family feels for them and each other.

This truly was a beautiful day.

What I wrote when my sister got married, I’ll say it again… I did not lose a brother, I gained a wonderful sister and, with her, a loving extended family, and many wonderful moments and memories to come.

So, not only are my siblings my best friends, they are also a reason to keep believing in love, and that there is someone out there who makes you happy, and moves you to take the courageous step of sharing the rest of your life with them. May theirs be a lovely “happily ever after”.