Florida Renaissance Festival

23 Feb

I love this Festival!

Every year Quiet Waters Park transforms into a land seen a long time ago and far away.

I’ve been going regularly for years now and it never gets old.  It is one of my happy places.  It’s even become an “annual tradition” for some friends and I, who also make this event so much fun to go to.

The Ren-Fest transports you, not to a different era but, to a whole different world, where everyone is happy to see you, they’re joyful, and entertain you with funny shows, where you are guaranteed to laugh.  There’s pirates, there’s wenches, fairies, pixie dust, wings, world travelers, Vikings, and so much more.  Pick a weekend and you can be any one of those, if you chose to dress up.  I started doing this several years ago and the festival became a whole new experience to me.

When you dress up, it’s like you’re part of their world.  They’re always nice there but, now they appreciate the effort you put into it and your excitement to be there.  Patrons also get excited to see you and some even ask to take pictures with you, giving you the opportunity to meet new people.

There’s duels, tight rope walkers, fire eaters, washing well wenches, a mud show, jousting tournaments, all these to be enjoyed by everyone at the fest.   If you want a more interactive experience, sit up front and maybe you’ll be picked to be part of their show.  There’s also giant chess boards, knife throwing, and bow and arrow games, a “spooky” maze, you can throw tomatoes at one of the fest characters, they even have big bubbles to “walk on water” on the lake, and they added zip lining last year too.  There is something for everyone!

I personally enjoy the shows, and love seeing all the vendors, like the wing maker, with beautiful handmade wings in every size and color (one of my favorites there); the moon necklaces, where they show you what moon you were born under and what it means, with a glow in the dark moon charm; all the swords (some showing really nice craftsmanship), knives, and beautiful big dresses with amazing corsets, kilts, leather…  the list goes on and on.  Oh, and the music…  I had the pleasure of listening guy playing bells that were enchanting, and there’s also a lady playing the harp by the water.

Of course there’s food like the traditional turkey leg (imagine a strong man in a kilt eating this…  makes you feel like you’re back in time), gyros, funnel cakes, ribbon fries (these are addictive), and to wash it all down, cider, beer, mead, and some other drinks.  This also will make the fest better and more realistic (hey, wine was thought to be good for health, and Beer and ales were very popular drinks during that era), plus all that walking and laughing works up a thirst  😉

If for nothing else, it’s a great place to people watch…  See the creativity everyone has put in their costumes, makeup, etc. To some, this might be all weird and eccentric but, to me it’s fun, creative, whimsical, playful,  and full of great imagination.

Go, step back in time, and leave the “real world” behind, let the fairies show you the way, and enjoy your day at the Ren-Fest.

Jousting Tournament (to the death)


Steampunk/ Time Travelers Weekend 

Pirates Weekend 

Vikings & Valkyries Weekend 

Favorite Beer Tent 


Favorite Wing- Maker

Some of the great shows: Iris & Rose

Broon  & Moonie



Cu Dubh




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