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Avatar: Flight of Passage

22 Jan

It was May 2017 when Avatar: Flight of Passage opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Over a year and a half has passed and this is still the most popular ride in ALL  Disney World Parks.  Even when some other rides like Frozen, Mount Everest, and the new Toy Story Land have opened, Pandora remains the most visited and the ride with longer waits in the parks.

I’ve been an annual pass holder for the past two years.  I’ve gotten to the park as soon as it opens; tried during “lunch time” hoping people were hungry and not in lines as mush (I know, wishful thinking); tried at night, when I thought people would be more interested in the light show that closes the park or the other parks’ firework shows, but still the lines were 3 – 4 hours long.  Disappointed I would turn around and go to another ride, thinking “next time I’ll get in”.  Everyone kept telling me the ride is worth the wait, but honestly, with so much to do and see at the parks, why wait that long?

For those of you in the same mindset as me, and don’t want to wait that long in line, I got a little tip for you!

That 4 hour long wait line was the last straw…  Something different needed to be done to make sure I finally got on that ride and not waist half a day trying.  Here’s the trick!  Wake up early!  Yes, I know it may seem like a simple answer but, for a sleepy head like me, this can be very hard.  Especially when the park says it opens at 9am.  Well, not quite!

Woke up in time to be at the park’s entrance at 8am.  Hundreds, maybe more, of people had the same idea, and were already in line.  By 8:15am, with more people gathering up behind, the park allowed us to go in, knowing we were all there for the same ride.  So, that means, we were in line for the Passage of Flight ride before the park officially opened.

As soon as we got to Pandora, there was staff already working to organize people and get the line going.  8:25am is when we got on the actual line to get in.  It moved at a steady pace, and by 8:43am we were at the entrance of the ride area.  After this, it took about 20 minutes to go in, do the ride and be out around 9:15am.  So, not only did we get to finally ride a Banshee in Pandora, but we did it in an hour, and in time to enjoy the rest of the park when it was officially opening.  How amazing is that!

For the ride, yes!  It is definitely worth it.  The ride is designed to feel as real as possible with 3D glasses, smell, wind and water effects making you feel like you are actually in Pandora.  Also the emotional feel is incredible, the images are so beautiful and real, you wished this place really existed and you could visit it.

So, my recommendation is to make this ride your priority when visiting Animal Kingdom, be there at least an hour early, and enjoy the ride!  If not able to do so, or the line is just about 2 hours long, wait, as I mentioned, is worth the wait.

Be and Live for Yourself

9 Jan

Happy 2019!  Yes, I know, I’m a bit late…  Lately it’s been hard to write.  Not sure why.  I’ve traveled, made new friends, made so many fun memories with them and old ones.  Family is good and growing, and had some very happy moments this past year.  Sometimes I think it’s easier to write when you feel a void or need to something get off your chest, thankfully this year that wasn’t the case for me.

My nephew was born, my niece keeps growing healthy and with every day becomes more and more fun to be around her.  

I’ve traveled to different countries and done things I thought I would never do:  Went in a cave with waterfalls, toured the Tikal ruins, Spent New Year’s eve in Nicaragua zip lining and going up a volcano, crossed a rope bridge over crocodiles, drank wine in Napa, and celebrated Christmas in NYC.  Also got the chance to see one of my favorite bands 3 times, and all of this with my best friend.

I also ended the year with my sister’s wedding.  She was the last of my siblings to get married and it was bittersweet.  Love how happy she is, but it was tough to “let go” of my companion for so many years.  She’s been with me since she was born.  We’ve been roommates, housemates, each other’s confidant, shoulder to cry on and laughing fit buddies.  We’ve gone through life together and everything in between.  Yes, I miss her being just a door away but so proud of the woman she’s become and happy to see her find her happily ever after.

So, now it’s just me…  yes, I will always be surrounded by my family and would not have it any other way but, with all the changes I’ve lived with my siblings and family I’ve decided my 2019 resolution is to move forward too!  To live my life for me.  To act and move toward what I want and deserve.  To learn to say no, and think about me and what makes me happy and healthy.  To learn to listen to myself and accept all the emotions that may come, as they are part of who I am.  To take time off when needed, to travel more, to exercise, to open myself to experiences and try to push away fear, to be in the moment and enjoy every single one of them.

In this era of social media, and everyone comparing themselves to others, of instant gratification, and seeking attention in any way possible, the above is very important.  We can get lost in this world, and forget who we are.  May that not happen to you, or me.  May we always be true to ourselves and be happy with who we are.

Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead!