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My First 5K

22 Feb

As part of my “Living for Me” year resolution, I’ve started exercising.   Yes, I know this is what most people do when starting the new year and, a month or so later, the resolution falls flat and is forgotten.  I admit I have been one of those people more than once.   I’ve paid for gym memberships, classes, and went for a couple of days and give up…  special diets, and though some have worked, it has only been for a period of time and do not last.

I’ve always struggled with my weight, it’s been like a yo-yo, up and down my entire life.  And I’ve struggled even more with the fact that I have to exercise.  Now that I’m older, and after so many people and articles telling me how beneficial this is, not only for weight loss but health in general, I decided to give the gym another try.  I thought long and hard, and had an internal conversation with myself to commit to it.  So I paid the membership.

Not going to lie…  it’s hard.  Getting my butt to the gym still takes some convincing (from myself), but once I’m there I feel good and even better after.  Exercising, I’ve noticed, is a natural combat against stress.  While you work-out, even if it’s a 30 minute walk, you focus on the that, put some music on and forget about the rest of the day.  You push yourself to last a little longer, lift a little more weight, do one more day a week, etc.  While pushing yourself your body is alive, endorphins are released and blood flows, making your mind and (even when it’s sore) body happy.

I still have a long way to go.  I am still working on my endurance, and still pushing myself to make it a routine to go at least 4 – 5 times a week.  To keep me on track and avoid me quitting this time, I applied for my first 5K – Publix A1A 5K, in beautiful Fort Lauderdale.  I knew without some training I would not finish it, so that was my drive to go to the gym.  I did walk that 5K, I’m still not strong enough to run, but the fact that I did it, and finished without “dying”, made me want to keep going and get better.

Your state of mind, and commitment to yourself are the most important thing but having a support system is also key.  For me this has been a real help in this journey.  My family, boyfriend, and friends cheering me on, celebrating even me signing up, and letting me know how proud they are of me, for just taking care of myself, is a drive and a reminder of how much they love me, and helps me keep going even when my mind is stubborn and asking for a (not so needed) break.

The 5K was a great experience, and I already signed up for my second one.  I’m still a walker, but I do want to see some improvement in time and keep doing these until I’m ready to run, and who knows, even move up to a half marathon eventually.  The point is, that I’m not giving up this time…  I am committed, and taking the steps to reach goals and keep my resolution.  But not just a new year’s resolution…  a (healthy) life resolution!  Won’t you join me?