Hi!  Welcome to ‘Through A Purple Lens”.

A little about me…  I love butterflies, love purple, and love to travel.  Wish I could do more of the later but, at least once or twice a year I get to do it.  I always come back home and tell my family and friends all the things I saw and did, most of them documented with pictures.

For a while now, my sisters have been encouraging me to write/ blog about these trips.  I don’t consider myself a writer at all but, have finally decided to listen to them and give this a chance.  Hopefully you will find something interesting, helpful, or even inspire you to go somewhere when you read it, and see it through your own lens, whichever color it may be.

For now, I’ll start with my two recent trips…  Who knows, maybe I’ll remember some past ones or even add from my ‘day to day’ life.  Who says that with every step we take we’re not traveling towards something or somewhere?

Have a safe and wonderful journey!

2 Responses to “About…”

  1. Arleen February 25, 2014 at 9:11 pm #

    I have discovered who you are!!!! ;-D I’m sooooo excited!!! Hahaha this is great and you DO know how to write 😉

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