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Acrobats and Aerial DancersĀ 

3 Oct

A couple of years ago I went to see Cirque du Soleil: Amaluna.  Beautiful show, with a love story in it.

As most of you know, these shows are always filled with acrobats and aerial dancers.  Looking at these people fly and jump, trusting their partners are ready to catch them, made me think about relationships.

I know these people practice day in and day out, and I’m sure they’ve probably  fallen dozens of times, if not more, but they still trust their partners and keep doing these stunts.  

Why is it so hard to do that in a relationship?  Why are we so afraid to trust, to be vulnerable, to open ourselves and jump?

Why with one “fall” we step down and take so long to try again?

While I watched these people “fly” so freely, with a smile on their face, I felt a little envious of that freedom and feeling.

Again, they practice, and their partners reassure them they are ready and reliable…  it takes two to achieve this wonderful trusting relationship.  If one fails everything falls.  In relationships the result  is not a bruise or broken bone but a broken heart, which sometimes takes longer to mend.

I say we work on trusting and being there for our partner.  It’s a give and take, a balance we can achieve together.  Stop being afraid, take the leap, jump!  Hopefully you’re caught in the air and taken on a magical “aerial dance”.