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A wedding…  From a big sisters eyes

1 Dec

As an older sibling, I assume we all feel this, we are very protective of our younger brothers and/or sisters.We’ve seen them grow and have so many memories of them that makes us feel like they are ours and hard to “share” them.

The idea of them falling in love and “leaving the nest” is a little scary and sad because you are used to having them around, and there’s a concern of losing them to that new person and family.

In my case, my brother and sisters are my best friends, confidants, shoulder to lean on, and source of happiness and laughter, so yes, that concern has always been there for every one of them. You would think that with one already married this feeling would be less but, no, it’s still there for each of them. Weather you show it or not, you care and protect them in every way possible.

This past month my “baby” brother got married. A lot of emotions were flowing though me that day… 

I have always been so proud of him, the responsible and caring boy, of the man he’s become, and the wonderful husband and father I know he will be.

Even though he’s all grown up, and a lot taller than me, he will always be “mi hermanito” and nostalgia came over me. Yes, I shed some tears thinking of all the memories I have of him, from his birth all the way to him telling us he had found “the one”.   

But the thing I felt most was love and happiness. Happy that he found such an amazing person to share his life with, and a wonderful addition to our family. The concern I talk about above was never there with her, instead she became my friend and now (officially) my sister.   And love, because that’s what they’ve shown each other since they met, what they both have shown us, and what each family feels for them and each other.

This truly was a beautiful day.

What I wrote when my sister got married, I’ll say it again… I did not lose a brother, I gained a wonderful sister and, with her, a loving extended family, and many wonderful moments and memories to come.

So, not only are my siblings my best friends, they are also a reason to keep believing in love, and that there is someone out there who makes you happy, and moves you to take the courageous step of sharing the rest of your life with them. May theirs be a lovely “happily ever after”.




Paddle Boarding

13 Oct

Water has never been my favorite thing… balance has never been my forte… but in my attempt to “face my fears” and try “new things” I signed up for a Paddle Boarding tour this past Saturday. 

One of my good friends planned this. After I complained, and gave her a hard time for making me wake up super early, and making me be in the water (two of my favorite things in the world – extreme sarcasm here) on my actual birthday, I realized this would be a great idea.

Start the day trying something new and surrounded by friends. So, like I said, I signed up, paid, and there was not turning back.

6am, alarm goes off… Even though I was extremely sleepy (celebrations kept me up until 3am) I was not regretting it. I was actually really excited (and yes, a little nervous). 45 minutes later we arrived to the meeting place (planned by South Florida Paddle Inc) and we could not have asked for a more perfect day. High Tide, calm water, not too hot, it was beautiful!

After a short talk from our tour guide we were in the water ready to head out and enjoy our paddle tour.

I thought I would sit to start but being on your knees is pretty easy and comfortable. During the tour you may see dolphins, manatees, turtles, flying fish, birds… All going at your own pace and enjoying the open water, and peaceful environment. It is a small workout but it’s so relaxing being there that you hardly feel it.

I didn’t get to see manatees but I did see a dolphin swimming away and flying fish (that for some reason I think are funny). :p

I would love to go again and see manatees, that would have really made my day.

Eventually I stood up, which is a big accomplishment for me, and felt even more excited about having tried this.

If you fall the tour guide and your friends are there to help, and you get a refreshing splash. Get back up and try again. 

In the end it doesn’t matter if you sit, go on your knees or stand, the whole point of this is to enjoy the view, and unplug from the “real world”. 

I’m happy I’m pushing myself to do more things that, in the past, I would have immediately said no to without even thinking about it.

It’s made me happier, my is world bigger, get to do more things with my family and friends, and helps me build my confidence to do more.

Hope you open yourself to new experiences too, and enjoy life!


Be a Writer

14 Jan

You know, keeping a blog isn’t easy…

One sets a goal to write every  so often, let’s say at least once a month, to gain and keep subscribers, to prove yourself that you have something to say and write about, as an outlet to vent when talking is hard, whatever the reason, it just isn’t easy.

You see, when you have this type of blog, the one without a specific topic, or someone telling you what to write about, you write about personal experiences or things you talk about with friends.  You write about your trips, your eats, what you see and feel.  On these topics, we all have a lot to say, problem is, we don’t always want everyone to hear.  Our heads and hearts are filled with hundreds of emotions daily.  Countless stories, new and old, can be told in one day so, why don’t we?

I’ve written before about how one should not feel ashamed or embarrassed by what or how we feel but, that’s easier said than done.

Sometimes what comes to our heart to write is too personal we are scared to share it with the world.  Maybe not even with the world but just one person in specific.  We are afraid of how we might be perceived, how vulnerable we feel, what people will say, and how will it affect how they treat us.  Or, we might have the happiest news, but afraid to share it scared we might jinx it, or scared that if at the end it doesn’t end well, we have to write the unfortunate update.

Still, writing is a great outlet.  Someone once told me “Take pictures when you’re happy and write when you’re sad so, in the future, when you’re sad, the pictures remind you of happy times and the writing shows you how far you’ve come and the experiences that made you who you are” (something along those lines).  I write… not all makes it to this blog or to anyone’s eyes but, I see it, I feel it, and it helps me release what weighs me down.  When I read it, later on, when the feelings are more tamed, it helps me analyze the situation and my thoughts better.  It helps me live the moment again, with a new perspective.

We might not all be bloggers but I believe we all should be writers, writers of our own stories.

Grab a pen, a keyboard, anything and write away.  Let your spirit flow in that blank page, not for the world to see but for you.  Discover yourself, what you feel, what you want and need.  Writing will allow you to see many sides of you, you might have not known existed.  Relive the moments and feelings, and let your own words show you a new light to them.


“Home Is Where The Heart Is”

28 Jun

They say “Home is where the heart is” but, what happens when your heart is filled with so many people and these people are all in many different places?  Where is home?  The answer is easy…  wherever you are with one or more of these loved ones.

My life started in PR, where I truly thought I would stay all my life.  My family and friends were all there, so home was there, in every sense of the word.  I didn’t know how little my PR (and home) was or how big the “outside world” was, or how life changes in a blink of an eye.  I was happy and comfortable, and completely unaware of how my definition of “home” would change later on in life.

My cousin moved when I was 12 years old.  That’s the first time I felt my heart be at more places than one.  Then my friends for college, another cousin moved…  And then, it was my turn.

I still call PR my home.  My “roots” are there, I still have family and friends there, so many happy memories, beautiful sights, amazing food and wonderful smells that will always remind me of that “home” but, I also call where I live now “home”.  I have family here, I’ve met great friends, have built a life and I’m creating countless of priceless memories here too.  My heart has expanded, and my home has too.

Now, these are not my only two homes…  I experienced another meaning of the word when one of my cousins moved to Chicago for a while.  I went to visit her, and her husband, and because she was there, and the memory of our childhood together floated wherever we went, it became my home during the time I was there.  My heart recognized her, and our time together, and made it feel my own.  Same thing with my other cousin who I visited in San Francisco, and Maryland.  Completely new places for me but they didn’t seem like it since I had her (and family) there with me.  When you visit someone you always reminisce about the time you spent together growing up, or school, etc., making your heart full of nostalgia and longing for “home”, and you create a new one right there.  It might be for a weekend, a week, month…  It doesn’t matter, what does is how you feel, how when the time comes to leave you realize you will miss it.

There’s places I haven’t been yet, where I know there’s friends and family who will make me feel right at home if/when I get the chance to visit, and I can’t wait.

There’s also places, like work locations, that, because of how many times you visit them, they also start to feel like a “second home”.  You feel familiar with them and comfortable.  When you travel and you identify with a culture, or love the architecture or their way of life, you may feel “right at home” and make the move to make it your own.  Looking at it that way, the World is our home or, it can be even smaller than my PR, home can be in the arms of just one person.

As I said, the definition of “home” changes, and it’s different to everyone.  What should always remain the same is that home should be a place where you feel happy, safe, comfortable, somewhere you belong and where you build wonderful memories.  Home is what you miss, what your heart recognizes and wants, what makes it jump with joy.  A place you want to go back to.  May you all have such a place (and people) in your life, and hope you keep finding more.




8 May

Since I could remeber, I’ve always wanted to travel…  see new places, experience different cultures,  hear different accents and languages, try different food…

My dad used to travel a lot for work, and I thought it was the perfect job.  Having someone else pay for you to see the world must be the best job in the world but, he always said “be careful what you wish for”.  The heavy part of his traveling came later in his life, when he says he wasn’t as young and with as much energy as before so, I guess that’s mainly where he’s warning comes from, maybe also the fact that he would have to leave his family for, sometimes, a month straight.  Still I wished for that job that requied me to travel, and I got it.

I’m on my third trip to Hong Kong, and extending to parts of China.  I was also lucky to travel several times to Chicago, one of my favorite places so far.   True, I work a lot more hours when traveling but, it’s completely worth it. The learning experience I get in each trip is priceless, it builds up my confidence and value as an employee, plus I get to live my (and so many others’) dream of traveling.

Yes, the almost 20hrs flight to Hong Kong can be “brutal”, to that add two trips to China this time, all the customs lines and process, the late nights and early mornings…  as ready as I was to get back home that last day, I was, at the same time, missing HK already.  I can understand how these trips might become a little difficult in the future but, right now, I’m still young and ready for more.

I want to see more, learn more, meet more people, and expand my travel experiences, and with it “my world”.

Be it for work or leaisure, I wish you too have the opportunity to do so.  Happy and safe travels to all!

Here are some pictures from my last trip…  enjoy!

On my way…

Foggy view of the HK skyline


Kowloon Park (view from above)

Canton Tower (Guangzhou,  China)

Metal Lotus Flower (Vibes, Mira Hotel, Hong Kong)

Last view before I go.