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Havana, Cuba

12 May

There might be some mixed feelings with people visiting Cuba.

I am well aware of the hardship the Cubans have gone, and still go through.  The pain, the struggle, not able to see family for a long time, not being able to go back home.  Of course I don’t agree with any of these, and my heart goes out to them.  I completely understand why some do not agree with us going there but, here is the other side…  in no particular order.

* Curiosity – This is a place that was banned for years.  Forbidden, closed, that we only were able to see by what leaked through TV or by what our friends told us about it.  So, of course once we’re allowed to go, we would want to.  It’s human nature.

* History – So much has happened in Cuba, and all has been kept almost untouched.

* Travel in time – Again, since so little from the “outside” world has touched Cuba, it’s like they are stuck in time.  Something I appreciated, since a lot reminded me of my home Puerto Rico, and helped me imagine it as it might have been years ago, maybe during my Grandmother’s time.

* The People – Beautiful, friendly, hospitable, happy.  I loved talking to all I encounter, comparing our islands, our Spanish, our accents, our food…  It was a breath of fresh air to be around people with similar culture to mine.  I would not trade these conversations and smiles for anything.

* The Ocean – just like In PR, the ocean has a distinct smell of Home.

* The Food – This is always an important part in my trips.  We do have similar dishes but the condiments, names and preparation are somewhat different.  It’s great experiencing these and maybe even incorporate in the dishes I already know.

* The Music – Salsa is a must in Cuba.  Listen and dance it!

Instead of staying at a hotel, we opted for an AirBnb. close to El Malecón, we would walk to most places.

After seeing the house, and leaving all our things, we headed out and walked blocks until we found a bar.  The setting was interesting, like a church, with ocean view.

Out first drink, you guessed it, a Cuba Libre.  The breeze and the view were amazing, so we stayed for a second one.

With reservations for dinner that night, we went back to get ready.

The restaurant La Concordia has outside seating on the 3rd floor, giving this a “rooftop” vibe.  LEDs that change color are placed on each table.  Great for a date or any type of gathering.

Saturday was my favorite day.  We started with a city tour in antique cars, which they call “Máquinas”.  Convertible, 1950 – 1960s cars, colorful and absolutely beautiful.

Several stops, plus conversation with the drivers/ tour guides, give you a good amount of information of the island, history, and culture.

Walking tour was next, which took us to “Plaza de Armas”, some Plazas, what would be considered “downtown”.  Also got to see where Hemingway drank “

Rum tour was interesting, and ended with a shot.  And while we waited for our driver, we were at the bar enjoying some live Salsa music and dancing.  What can be better than that?

A quick stop at Sloppy Joes and then off to dinner.

Dinner was a treat!  We went to  where they do Dinner and a Show with members of the Buena Vista Social Club.

The highlight here is the show…  Song after song, with incredible voices and entertaining personalities.  They make you dance, laugh, and even go on stage!  They include everyone in the audience, even singing part of songs from the countries visiting that night.

Still dancing with all the songs stuck in our heads, we found a promoter who guided us to different clubs around the area.  My favorite of the night was Cafe Tin Tin.   Live music, good drinks, dance space.  Real fun!

Next morning, and last day.  We decided to walk around one last time to take in all the beautiful views one last time.

Our AirBnb hosts were there to see us off, not without a hug first and wishing us safe travels and to come back soon.

Cuba is beautiful, so are the people…  So much to see and do… So happy I got the opportunity to experience it.

Medellín, Colombia

25 Feb

Medellín, land of beautiful mountains, extensive array of flowers, and happy, hospitable people.

This was a weekend trip, 3 full days.  We loved every single one of them.

Driving or walking there’s always something to see.  Lots of green, and flowers of all sorts adding color to it.  Fruits are another thing in abundance here, you must try Lulo and granadilla.

Artistic graffiti decors almost every wall, that’s not a house of business.  The mountains are a site on its own.  The contrasts of these, with the buildings and blue skies is a breathtaking view.

The people obviously contribute to the magic of Medellín, with their attractive accent, good manners, open to talk and help anyone.  Where ever you go, you will get a “good morning”, “have a nice day”, help locating a place, or just making conversation while you wait for the metro or cable car, etc.  They are not afraid to be friendly, to be hospitable; in a world where people live afraid, so closed in, and knowing their past history, this was amazingly refreshing, and hopefully contagious.

Medellín has a lot to offer, for us to see.  We did a lot in those 3 days, and here’s a little preview:

Stayed at Loyd’s Hotel, at El Poblado.  Location is the highlight of this hotel. Quaint and away from the busy streets, but just walking distance to so many restaurants, parks, and bars.

If you have limited time, tours might be the best way to go. That’s exactly what we did.

Day 1

First day we did a half-day city tour.  This took us to Pueblito Paisa.  A cute little town, with incredible views

From there we went to Comuna 13 where the Electric Stairs are, and my favorite part, beautiful graffiti by one of their very own Chota13.
Although it’s a very humble community, the art on the walls, and even on the tin roofs, gives this place a lively atmosphere.

Cable cars is a fun thing to do. This is every day transportation to a lot of people.  To us, was a fun ride to see more of the city and its infrastructure.

Plaza Botero is good for pictures, with his oversized bronze statues, and if you have time, go to the museum to see his paintings too.

After our tour was done, we walked around to do a little tour of our own.  This would be a food and drink tour.

First we had lunch.  Soup, salad, rice, patacones, meat and juice. All for about $7 each.  Yes, delicious and cheap!

We found La Tiendita del Vino.  As soon as we saw their beautiful patio seating, we knew we had to just sit and relax there.

Walked around Parque la Presidenta, where a lot of artisans are to sell jewelry, art, and food.  Obleas are a must try, and regardless of what else you add to them, always have them with Dulce de Leche.

On the tour they told us of a brewery, so we searched and found it.

3 Cordilleras – after the 3 mountain chains that cross Colombia.  5 different beers available, and live music.

A couble of other bars and what would go better with that than a “perro”.  I’m not a fan of hot dogs but Colombians do know how to make them.

Day 2

Full day tour to Guatape, and La Piedra del Peñol

It’s about 2 hours from where we were staying but the ride is totally worth it.  So much to see.

We even stopped to see some farm animals.

La Piedra del Peñol is over 700 steps up.  Breath, take breaks, drink water, but finish it!  Believe me, you DO NOT want to miss that view from the top. Absolutely incredible.
Going down is not so bad so make sure you take as many pictures as you can, not sure how often you will want to go up there again  :p

We toured the city of Guatape and my favorite part was El Zócalo.

A very picturesque small town, with cobble stone, and colorful houses.  All decorated with zócalos (almost like tiles) at the bottom of them, some telling a story, others of what their professions are, or some of their favorite things.
Walking down the streets you can see the water.  This town really makes you feel relaxed and on vacation.

Time to go back and eat!

We made reservations at El Cielo.  One of Medellin’s top restaurants.

The restaurant is beautiful.  Filled with plants, wood high ceilings, with fans, making you almost feel that you are dining outside.

They have 2 menu options, we chose “The Experience” which consist of 13 courses.

This dinner was exactly that, and experience.  They not only work on taste but on all your other senses too.  Vision, smell, touch, and hearing when they describe each plate being presented.

Plating is clean and artistic.   Each plate has been thoughtfully selected to complimented what’s being served on it.

The chef plays with flavors, textures and colors.  Not to mention liquid nitrogen.

This menu also includes table- prepared coffee, and of course dessert.
Highly recommend this restaurant to anyone traveling there.  This experience is absolutely unique.


Day 3

Pablo Escobar Tour

I know there’s many people who are against these tours, and I can understand why.  There was a lot of suffering during that time.

But I’ve always believed that History is there to teach us and hopefully not repeat it.

And also think that, because they don’t want to repeat the fear and chaos of that time, is why the paisas are as friendly and lovely as they are.  They decided to make a difference.

The tour is very interesting.  You get to learn a lot of “both sides of the coin” – Pablo/ and the Government.

The views are wonderful in this tour, especially if you go to La Catedral.

There’s so much more to see in Medellín, to the point we already want to go back.

But, for now, I return home, and share with you my wonderful trip, as always hoping it moves you to plan yours as well, and helps you when you do go.

Travel – Austin, TX

22 Dec

Traveling can be so many things to so many people.

I can’t imagine someone not liking to travel.

You see traveling to me can be:

  1. An escape. I think we all feel the need to get away.  To see something new, to get out of the routine, to feel alive, to leave the problems and voices, that sometimes hunt us, behind.  To pretend you have a new life even if it’s for a few days.
  1. An Education – everywhere you go you learn something new. Culture, history, the people, traditions… all these can teach us so much and expand our world.
  1. A bonding experience – be it with friends, family, significant other. Traveling brings people together.  Traveling can be a meeting place for those who live far, it can be a great way to get to know that other person better, it builds memories we’ll remember for the rest of our lives and will keep us united even if in those memories.
  1. A Health booster – I’m not an exercise person but LOVE cities where I can walk everywhere. Fresh air, cardio, clear mind, this revives anyone’s spirits.
  1. A Networking opportunity – when you travel for business this is obvious, but even when for leisure we encounter so many people that is hard not to talk about our work. Sometimes from these conversations opportunities arise, either to build your own network or help others do so, and/ or grow in their business.
  1. A Feast – Food, New flavors, Music, Local Craft Beer, signature drinks.  All these enhance your travel experience and might even influence your kitchen when you are back home.
  1. Relaxing – you can just travel and do absolutely nothing. Sleep in, lay on the beach, stroll your way around without a schedule.

Most of my trips are a combination of all of the above.  Take my last trip for example… Austin, TX

My friends and I have very different lives.  Distance, work, others have kids, school, an active social life…  We not always have the time to get together, much less travel together.

Thankfully this past week 2 of my friends and I were able to.  To this day we don’t know how we decided on Austin – maybe because it was a place neither of us had been… point was we all were ready for a trip.  End of the year – done with school, work, and routine, this would be our very well deserved break.

We got to see Capital State, plus got to see beautiful architecture both modern and old.

We found a great location to stay where we could walk almost everywhere.  Take in the air of the city, scenery, and gave us a chance to talk even more, laugh, share stories, and create memories together.

Food was absolutely amazing.  There was not one meal we did not enjoy fully in Austin.  Every one we talked to and said this to, their reply was “that’s what you do here, eat and drink”, and that we did.

The absolute MUSTS for me were:

Odd duck – very interesting menu, with incredible variety of flavors

Gordough’s Public House – everything donuts.  Burger, sandwiches, dessert, and beer towers, all coming out of a tin food truck parked on their patio outside.  How fun is that?!?

Eberly – absolutely beautiful place with exquisite food and décor.

Lick Honest Ice Cream – flavors that you might not think off all blend together perfectly in this ice cream heaven.

A glass of wine overlooking the Lake, at Alta’s might be the perfect way to relax here.

Another great way to relax is visiting some of their local breweries – some, like Jester King are designed to spend a day there drinking, eating, playing games, or just enjoying the beautiful sight.

Not sure why they say “Keep Austin Weird”.  Didn’t ask anyone but, maybe it’s for their street art – They have the Hope Outdoor Gallery but everywhere you go you might see beautiful street art that speaks to you.  

Maybe it’s all the guitars you find throughout the city, starting at the airport, all painted in different themes.

Maybe it’s their artists and it’s music.  Sure came across a very interesting and entertaining one at The Continental Club.​

Or maybe it’s their mix of old and new buildings meshed together.  Or maybe the fact that one of their attractions are bats, or, if you ask me, the crazy weather – we had temps of 56 degrees to 73 degrees, then dropped to 29 degrees – yes, I would say that is weird.

Weird or not, Austin was definitely fun, delicious, out of the ordinary, and a trip with friends we’ll never forget.


A couple of “Firsts” in China

20 Apr

Can you believe I “had to” go all the way to China to pick strawberries?

Yup, I’m back from another work trip to the Orient but luckily we always manage to squeeze in some fun.

This time after one of our meetings, the factory owner escorted us to a Strawberry field and we all got to fill multiple baskets with big, beautiful, perfectly red, delicious strawberries.  This was my first time doing it, and it was fun sharing the experience with my China office colleagues and suppliers.  We helped each other pick the best ones, until all our baskets (and bellies) were completely full.

Another fun night, was also after a meeting.  To end the night, they invited us to their beautiful cellar, and we got to do a “private” wine tasting with a really nice view of the HK skyline.  This was (I think) my first time drinking Bordeaux wine, in a private cellar with over 4K bottles of wine. 

Walking the gardens of one of the hotels in the morning, was the most relaxing way to start our day.  Happy birds singing and beautiful flowers all around, overlooking the water.  This was my first time seeing blossoms too. 
I went to a little market where, they told me, I had to try the Vietnamese street lamb.  Very tasty!    

And I saw my very first (Ginseng) Buddha fruit

Learned a new “drinking game” called Big Liar at a pub in Ningbo, and shared many laughs with everyone playing.
Also tried a new hotel (Shangri-La), in HK, after many years staying at the same one, and was a very nice change.  Club level, beautiful view of the bay & HK skyline, and excellent service.  VIP treatment all the way. 
No matter how many times I make this (work) trip, we always mange to enjoy ourselves, do something new, and look forward to the next.

As I’ve said before, it’s all how you see things.  May we never lose the sense of wonder and excitement, even in the “little” things.  This will make life so more enjoyable, happier, and give you many wonderful and memorable experiences.  Happy Journey to All!

Vegas here I come! 

8 Mar

Ah, Vegas! Bright lights, late nights, party and drinks. Sleep an hour or two and repeat…

Yeah, this wasn’t that kind of trip.   :p

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done Vegas the “right way” and it’s one of the best trips I’ve ever had but, this time, I went for work… by myself.

Stayed off the strip to be close to the convention, up early to work. A lot of walking and networking for 4 days straight.

Still, it would be a sin to go and not have a little fun. So, off I went.  Instead of having dinner by myself in the hotel room, I decided to go out and try some new places.

I’m usually shy but, have noticed that the more I push myself to break out of that, the more opportunities and experiences I get.

For example:

First night I wondered around the strip, at a slow pace, taking everything in. Had time to see a couple of the Bellagio Fountains show (still one of my favorite attractions in Vegas), also got to see their Garden, which this time was dedicated to the Chinese New Year of the Monkey.

I treated the hotels like they were museums, admiring their displays, stores, decorations. When you are not worrying of getting dressed and getting to clubs or pool parties you have more time to enjoy these things.

While walking I saw a place called Beer Bar. It has kind of a balcony seating, perfect for solo dining. I found a spot and enjoyed a really good burger while watching another show of the Bellagio Fountains.

Second night, I decided to go out again. This time went to FireFly. Place was packed, and wait time was approximately one hour. The hostess immediately directed me to their sister restaurant Imperial Tacos & Beer. There I found a seat at the bar and ordered. Bartenders were so friendly I didn’t feel like I was by myself at all. Very attentive, making conversation and jokes. Eventually a guy sat next to me, who happened to be in town for the same convention I was attending. We started talking and, being that I’ve been in the business longer was able to give him some tips on how to grow his business. I felt really good being able to help someone, and very grateful for the fun company that night. I enjoyed it so much I almost lost track of time… I had bought a ticket to see Cique du Soleil: Zarkana.

The show is amazing! And, because I needed only 1 ticket, the seat was great, with excellent view.

Third night, of course, I went out again. This time I got to try FireFly. I had it bookmarked since I knew I was going to Vegas, and so glad I didn’t leave without trying it. First because food and drinks were amazing! Service equally great, and second, because again I had the chance to talk with new people and laugh with them.

I sat at the bar, and not too much later two guys sat near me. Again, because of my shy nature I focused on my food and didn’t pay much attention to them, trying to not call attention to myself but their conversation was funny and could not help but laugh. That’s all it took. They immediately included me in their conversation and it was so entertaining, light and fun. Just like the night before, conversation turned to work.   One of the guys is a dancer. He danced at the show Jubilee, and now that the show is over he’s looking for new opportunities… his dream, Broadway! As is in my nature, I offered some advice and a sincere wish of him making it and hoping to see him again, on stage next time, doing what he loves. I didn’t get their names, but the moment we shared sitting at that bar was enough to make me smile and earned me a hug goodbye.

After this, because of my first Cirque visit, they gave me a discount for a second show and I took advantage of it. Went to see Mystère at the Treasure Island Hotel. Smaller theater so even closer seats. The show is entertaining and funny. And so ended my Vegas trip.


Morning came, early wakeup to make it in time to the airport, beautiful sunrise view form my window and, even though my main focus for the trip was work, I came out of it, as I usually do, with some great food finds, amazing people, sights and photos to share, and the desire to travel more, to experience more, to see more.

Weather traveling alone, with coworkers, family and/ or friend, traveling is always an adventure… It all depends on you and what you make of it.

Don’t close yourself in a hotel room, go and explore!


Long Weekend in Boston

4 Feb

My latest trip was a long weekend in Boston.  Yes, even a city like this, full of history, sites, and activities, is possible to do in a couple of days if you plan it right.  I’ll show you how…

Arrived on a Thursday morning and stayed until Sunday night.  That way I could have 4 full days to explore and enjoy what this city has to offer.

As soon as I landed, I hopped on an Uber to Salem.  Just a one hour drive (with some traffic) and spent the day sightseeing.  Even the rain and cold weather would not stop me from appreciating this cute and picturesque place. It’s full of magic and crafts stores, some cozy restaurants and quite a few museums.

Day 1:  Salem

I started at the House of the Seven Gables.  I love places that transport you to a different time and place.  It is incredible to see how this house is still standing, and in good condition, even after being literally moved from its original location and all the years that have passed.  Hearing the story of the families that lived there and being in all the rooms, including secret passages, is like being inside a book.

The gardens, even in the winter, were beautiful.  Can’t imagine how lovely it must be during Spring and Summer, with all the trees and flowers blooming and the water view.

Of course I had to visit the Witch Museum.  Salem is famous for their witch hunt days…  The Museum, I must admit, is nothing outstanding.  It does give you some history, which you can find in books, and the “exhibition” on the second room is very simple.  Now, the one part I did enjoy was seeing the list of herbs with their medicinal and magical powers, and the history line showing how witchcraft can be interpreted in many different ways and ends with the formula of what caused the witch hunt:  “Fear + Trigger = Scapegoat”.  It then gives the following examples:

Salem 1692:  God/ Devil (Fear) + Dr. Griggs (Trigger) = 150 townspeople found guilty of witchcraft (scapegoat)

Aids Epidemic Outbreak 1980’s: Infection (fear) + HIV Virus/ Aid (Trigger) = gay community (scapegoat)

It also mentioned Hitler…  to me this was a hit of reality when visiting the past.  If anything the museum helps you remember these things in hopes that we don’t keep making the same mistakes.

After that a visit to their burial grounds was a must and, in this rainy gray day, it added a little bit of romanticism and charm to it.  It was beautiful, peaceful, and classic.

Day 2:  Boston!

If you are a beer lover, or starting to enjoy it as I am, Boston is a great place to taste many different styles.

They have many breweries open to the public or by tour.  I opted for a tour:  Boston Brew Tours.  The booking is effortless and the tour guide was knowledgeable, funny and entertaining.

First stop was Samuel Adams – of course this is a must when in Boston.  Formal tour that ends at their tasting room with 3 different beers to try.

Second stop was Downeast – this is a cider brewery.  I was very pleasantly   surprised I liked a couple of the ones I tasted… I usually find them too sweet but these were really good.

Lunch is included in the tour, of course, with beer included.

And, our last stop, and probably my favorite:  Night Shift.  They had a nice variety of beers being offered, including some sours (my favorite).

This tour takes pretty much all day.  Started at 10am and we were back around 4:30pm – 5pm.

This is a great day to buy tickets to a game.  Celtics were playing so, basketball, hotdogs and beers it was to end the second day of this trip.

Day 3:  Sightseeing

No need to wake up super early.  There’s plenty to see but also plenty of time.

Freedom Trail – plan was to do a self-guided tour.  I mean, how hard is it to follow the red bricks but turned the wrong way and got to the end before it even started.  So, decided to do the guided tour and happy I did.  The stories and information the tour guide gives you would not know if doing this on our own.  Tour also takes you to some places off the red brick line giving extra insight on the events that took place.

Tour ends near Quincy Market so, take the time to walk a bit and cross it off your list.

Cheers (the bar) is a must.  Ok, it is not the greatest bar you’ll ever go to but, who doesn’t know the TV Show, the song, the characters…  it’s just a “tourist thing” to do, and great for social media pictures.  Plus they offer the Sam Adams Brick Red (which you can only find in Boston – I was told).  So, go, sit at the bar, enjoy a beer in one of their signature cold pints, and snap some pics just for the fun of it.

Take a walk through the park, enjoy the view and the squirrels.  There are some street vendors, and during the winter the Christmas lights are a beautiful sight.

Boston Tea Party was the last spot for the day.  If you are lucky (or plan right) you might get to see when they do the reenactment.  We missed it by 1 day.  Still it was fun to do. The tour is interactive, some even have a line or two to say during the “town’s meeting”.  you get to go on board the ship, throw the tea, take picture and tour the rest of the ship.  Very informative and a good way to refresh those history classes.

Now, here you can either got to Harvard or MIT campus, and enjoy more sightseeing but, I had dinner plans so left that for the next day.

After dinner, I went to the Hawthorne bar.  Located at The Commonwealth Hotel.  Don’t be turned off by it being a “basement” bar,  it is very stylish, romantic, and very popular.  Great seating area for dates, there are some high tables, bar seating, etc.  Servers come to you, drinks are strong and they have a good selection of craft drinks as well as wines, plus full bar.  Ambiance is everything here.  It’s one I will keep recommending to everyone visiting Boston and one I keep hoping I get the chance to visit again soon.

Last Day:  Brunch and… What did we miss?

Sunday is Brunch day, and it’s the most important meal of the weekend.  :p

The bartenders at the hotel (The Charlesmark Hotel – good place to stay!) recommended Stephanie’s on Newbury.  They don’t have unlimited mimosas but they have a great “make your own” Bloody Mary card, where you get to pick all the ingredients you want in yours and the end product is amazing (I mean, you created it, of course it is!).  Service was great and food, delicious!

With that I was ready to face the day and went to see the Harvard campus.  Started at the Museum of Natural History and spent some time walking the grounds and looking around.

Since my flight was at night, I still had time to see more of Boston so, I went to Tub Of The Hub.  Bar/ Restaurant on the 52nd floor of the Prudential building.  Advice, skip it!  Just get off on the 50th floor and pay the ticket for the observatory deck.  You’ll get better pictures here, are not rushed to finish your meal or drink for others to sit, plus it’s less expensive than what you’ll spend in the restaurant.

Some more walking around, taking pictures of some of the amazing churches and architecture these offer, and before I knew it, my trip had come to an end and time to head back to the airport.

Like I said, Boston is a city with a lot to see and do.  I’m sure there’s much I still have yet to experience but in a long weekend I was able to do ALL this and thought I share with you in hopes to help you plan your visit to this great city.

Hope you have as much fun as I did.  Bon Voyage!



8 Sep

As I’ve said before…  Yes, I’ve done skydiving but, still afraid of heights.

Just as that one time that I jumped off a plane, I pushed myself, to leave my fear behind and decided to go ziplining.

I was with my sister in PR, and out of nowhere I said “I think I want to do ziplining”. She looked at me in disbelief, but immediately started making plans with her friend, I think part of it was her wanting to do it too and, part of it, acting quickly before I lost my “courage”. Still she kept looking at me, wondering if I’d really do it. She paid, and said, “there’s no turning back…” with a smile and concern at the same time.

We drove the 2.5 – 3 hours it took for us to get to Orocovis. Lots of up curvy roads, no signs… thank God for smart phones and GPS! We did not get lost at all. First of all, the view is amazing from up here. Take a moment before or after you do the lines to enjoy it.  
Once inside, they give you a waiver, you sign your life away. My sister’s friend read it, the part I remember her saying is “basically you can’t complaint or sue period, even if 3 months after this you’re still having issues, pains, nightmare or trauma… nothing. I could only LOL, I mean, if I’m going ahead with these types of activities, the phrase “ignorance is bliss” always comes to mind. The less I know the less paranoid I get. So, I signed, I got my number and waited to get harnessed.
Once you have all your equipment, they send you off a trail, where after 5 minutes (if it takes you longer “you got lost or are going to slow” their words, not mine) you will find your first line. Yes, I got nervous, and my sister gave me that disbelief look again but I stood my ground and stepped on the platform. Not defying her look but my fear. I can do this, I thought, especially when right in front of us was a 96 year old man, ready to jump off that platform. Courage don’t fail me now, I thought… Would be very embarrassing to back down now.
My turn, hands shaking a little, and listening real close to the instructions. Down that first line I went and the feeling was incredible! This was a short one so, great way to start and ease your way to the next 7 that await.  
The guys working the lines are really cool. They make you feel comfortable and safe. They make fun of you (nicely) if they see you nervous, helping you laugh and forget your fear. Plus, just like one of them said “none complain if they fall”… Ha! Ha! Very funny! Not!
Line after line, they kept getting longer and harder to control. The wind started getting strong against us so, the challenge of getting to the end of each one, without having to pull yourself, was tougher but we were up for it and succeeded in most of them. On the ones that we got stuck, we still felt safe, and just pulled ourselves to the end. This is a workout! but, if you get too tired or can’t make it, one of the guys will come get you and help.
Towards the 8th and last line, there’s a steep path you need to go up. Some, might have to skip this (due to health or physical impediments), and get off on the 6th line, but my sister and I went together and almost simultaneously did our last line. Funny thing, we both got stuck on this one. Even after the strenuous effort of working against the wind and pulling ourselves to the platform, we both were smiling and so happy we had this experience together.
At the end we went back to where we started, to the restaurant upstairs. The service here is a little slow but friendly, and food is delicious. Plus, again, the view is priceless.

This is, without a doubt, a must do in Puerto Rico.