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“Food Trip” – Pittsburgh & Washington, D.C.

7 Jul

Hello again!  I wanted to share with you some pictures and places from my last trip.  This time I went to Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

Pittsburgh, I must admit, was not in my list of “must visit” cities but that has changed.  I went there for work, and even though I didn’t have much time to explore the city, I loved the area I stayed at.  My hotel was located right across the Convention Center on Penn Ave. and everything you want and need is walking distance from there.

While I was walking to have dinner, my first night there, I saw that they called this the “cultural district”.  So many restaurants, bars, they have theaters and a place called Cabaret, on Theater Square, where they play live music, they have wine and beer events, and more.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the theaters or Cabaret during my stay, and now have added Pittsburgh to my traveling list so I can experience everything they have to offer.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh


I did have the chance to eat at some amazing restaurants, like Meat & Potatoes, where I had one of the best Mussel dishes ever!  They have a great looking, and stocked bar where the mixologists (not bartenders) make some incredible craft drinks.

Service is impeccable and atmosphere casual and inviting.  Here are some pictures to convince you even more to try them when you’re there.


I also went to Seviche, which is a Cuban Ceviche place on Penn Ave. as well.  They have Latin music playing (I recognized, and wanted to dance every song they played), inside and outside seating, fun looking bar, and they clear the floor after 9pm (at least on some nights) for dancing.  I had the empanadas and the avocado sauce they come with is delicious.  Of course I had ceviche, the Salsa Verde one, which is on their regular menu was good but my favorite was the special of the day…  Pineapple Ceviche.  It was fresh, light and flavorful.


Washington D.C. was fun too.  I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Reflection Pool, and the White House.  The Museums looked impressive but, didn’t have enough time to go in so, just like with Pittsburgh, this is another city I will have to visit again.


Of course, since this apparently was a “food” trip, my meal here was excellent as well.  Went for brunch at Old Ebbit Grill, where I had the Eggs Atlantic – same concepts as Eggs Benedict but with seared salmon.  This was outstanding!  That salmon was perfection, I could have had it by itself.  Almost forgot about the appetizer, the Crab and Artichoke dip is addictive.  Believe me you must try this!  Oh, and desert, you must order desert…  actually you must order the Chocolate chip Bread pudding.  It is heavenly.  Warm, not too sweet, right amount of chocolate and they top it with vanilla ice cream slowly melting on top of it.  This dessert is flawless.


If you get the chance to go to all or any of these places, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  I should go on a diet now, but have no regrets, I enjoyed every bite.



8 May

Since I could remeber, I’ve always wanted to travel…  see new places, experience different cultures,  hear different accents and languages, try different food…

My dad used to travel a lot for work, and I thought it was the perfect job.  Having someone else pay for you to see the world must be the best job in the world but, he always said “be careful what you wish for”.  The heavy part of his traveling came later in his life, when he says he wasn’t as young and with as much energy as before so, I guess that’s mainly where he’s warning comes from, maybe also the fact that he would have to leave his family for, sometimes, a month straight.  Still I wished for that job that requied me to travel, and I got it.

I’m on my third trip to Hong Kong, and extending to parts of China.  I was also lucky to travel several times to Chicago, one of my favorite places so far.   True, I work a lot more hours when traveling but, it’s completely worth it. The learning experience I get in each trip is priceless, it builds up my confidence and value as an employee, plus I get to live my (and so many others’) dream of traveling.

Yes, the almost 20hrs flight to Hong Kong can be “brutal”, to that add two trips to China this time, all the customs lines and process, the late nights and early mornings…  as ready as I was to get back home that last day, I was, at the same time, missing HK already.  I can understand how these trips might become a little difficult in the future but, right now, I’m still young and ready for more.

I want to see more, learn more, meet more people, and expand my travel experiences, and with it “my world”.

Be it for work or leaisure, I wish you too have the opportunity to do so.  Happy and safe travels to all!

Here are some pictures from my last trip…  enjoy!

On my way…

Foggy view of the HK skyline


Kowloon Park (view from above)

Canton Tower (Guangzhou,  China)

Metal Lotus Flower (Vibes, Mira Hotel, Hong Kong)

Last view before I go.